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HONDA CB500X (500X)

모터 매거진 (주)에 의해 제공
최다 조회 순위 11 105 모델...에서 HONDA 401cc-750cc
베스트 브랜드
최고의 제품
500 changed the model with '16.
The concept is "Feel the Adventure" running performance that crossover on and off is given.
realizing a more compact face by making LEDs of LEDs.
Conversely, I saw the screen slightly larger.
The domestic model has 400X, but there are various differences such as seat height.
Among the Honda adventure models with a cross tourer as the top, it is realistically easy to handle, and it is one that is excellent in cost performance.
배수량 471 엔진 유형 Water-cooled/Parallel Twin
최대 출력 (ps) - 최대 토크 (kgf / m) -
차량 중량 (건조 중량) - 연료 탱크 용량 리터 17.5

MICHELIN 파일럿 파워 3 [120 / 70ZR17 남 / 기음 (58W) TL] 타...

Hello . I want to share a review about the product I bought. I bought myself a back wheel Michelin Pilot Power 3 120/70 . After a short period of operation, I can say: - the rubber quickly heats up, unlike the previous Michelin Pilot Power wheel. Good keeps the road, even in cold weather. Good grip ...


Good branded and perfect mirror for my bike.Image are clear when bike go at high speed.I have ordered 2 more for my spare.I like the orange striking colour that makes my bike to be seen by other at night time.

R&G 탱크 패드

When we arrived, it was already floating from release paper.It seemed that the adhesive strength was not 0 and the season was still hot, so I tried adhering to Tank in the meantime and then it will float after a while.As another means, by holding down from above for a long time, I hope that the shap...


the hand guard collide with the windshield at the end turning. And there is a lot of free-play not fixed as firm as I expected.
I then have to remove it to change another one!

DUNLOP 스포츠 맥스로드 마트 III [120 / 70ZR17] 타이어

New car time MT09 Tracer's OEMTire was Dunlop D222, a long time Dunlop, but the Grip at Dry & Wet was also good, especially durability was outstanding The distance was 11000? Because it took it 11 o'clock, it took Tire exchanges with BST 30 and this Dunlop Road smart I made it to Road sm...

DUNLOP 스포츠 맥스로드 즈 2 [120 / 70ZR17 MC (58W) TL] 타이어

It is not particularly habit, it turns naturally.Wet grip will be conscious of things, but it seems that there are many grooves - - -Since I just wore it, try various pneumatic pressure and let's play.

METZELER 스포츠 텍 M5 인터랙트 [120 / 70 ZR 17 남 / 기음 (58W...

It is a change from ROSSO CORSA of Pirelli.The warming up of Tire itself is also early and the Grip at Dry is high.It is expected because everyone's impair seems to be waiting for Tire.

DUNLOP 스포츠 맥스로드 스포트 [120 / 70ZR17MC (58W) ] 타이어

After installing Tire, SlipSign comes out at 10,000 km and Tire 2 mountain probably 12000 km after installation.If you bring in 12000 km in the Sports touring category it is unquestionable for durability.Even if the number of Tire grooves decreases, there is no change in driving fee Ring, and the im...

MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 [120 / 70ZR17 남 / 기음 (58W) T...

Since OEMTire diminished durably, I thought about PILOT ROAD 3 but Pattern selected PILOT ROAD 2 instead of liking. I thought that the Motorcycle was broken with trembling handlebar if I did not have a firm OEMTire, but as I was wearing it changed the vibration did not disappear as much as I was sur...

BRIDGESTONE 배트 렉스 TS100 [120 / 70 ZR17 남 / 기음 (58W...

Until now I was wearing Michelin Pilot Load 2, Pilot Power, Pilot Power 2 CT, Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2, Pilot Power 3.Mostly 500 km around Winding / I use Touring for the day.From Touring tire I am picking a Tire that emphasizes SportsTire's Grip performance and controllability in the bank.As it i...

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