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Following the coloring image of the first model * "Monkey Z 50 M" released in 1967, adopted a dedicated three-dimensional emblem and a main key suitable for a memorial model.Fuel tank side and side covers are colored with pearl sunbeam white which is the main color, and fenders of the front and rear are colored as shasta white. In addition to the frame, front fork, swing arm, etc., the headlight case and the stripe on the top of the fuel tank are made Magna Red, and the seat adopts a fashionable check pattern seat imitating the original model. Also in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of release, a wing mark badge of reprinted design is arranged on the side of the fuel tank, a memorial sticker is arranged on the top, a 50th anniversary emblem on the side cover, a 50th anniversary logo on the back of the seat , The 50th anniversary mark is given to the main key, and it is a model that satisfies the feeling of possession full of special feeling. * Domestic mass production Commercial vehicle
배수량 49 엔진 유형 AB28E/Air-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
최대 출력 (ps) 3.4PS/8,500rpm 최대 토크 (kgf / m) 0.35kgf・m/5,000rpm
차량 중량 (건조 중량) - 연료 탱크 용량 리터 4.3

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) 알루미늄 컷 아웃 메인 ...

I bought a blue main switch cover.
Altough it is small part,but very nice product. This is an indispensable item for me.
I recommend it all Monkeybike owners.

HONDA 더블 양면 테이프 장착 토요타 알람 / 알람

I purchased thought that it was necessary to introduce Honda Alarm - - - I was enclosed with Honda Alarm (sweat) Just because it is a ManufacturerOEM Parts Number so we have better quality than Double-sided Tape selling at mass merchandisers - We only save the necessary portion for use and use it. B...

KEIO PARTS 양극 처리 된 범용 그립 [유형 C]

Used for SR 400. Axel side does not match, it was impossible to process Throttle considerably. What is conformity? It is better not to purchase!

ALCAN hands 익스트림 그립 RCG-004

Plus side : Price is cheap, around (grip) Soft, I think that it is good not to get stiff even in cold weather, individuals with many vibrations.Minus surface : Grip becomes thick (About Grip heater included) So, for those who are Small in hands, depending on the angle of Handlebar, the thickness inc...

KITACO 파워 팩 (50)

The break-in is over and Review is after Oil exchange.Purchased items are Power Pack 50, LCD Meter of Mukawa, Power Rev 2 of KITACO and Power Filter of DAYTONA [35mm] Simultaneous purchase.Speed ??has increased considerably 70 kilometers over as a result of turning to 8 thousand revolutions (No carb...


Purchased as Exchange Parts for Subs tank for DAX.Gasoline leaked out of the knob part in about 3 months since Cook that was attached from the beginning.I tried disassembling before use, but the quality of Rubber seal is poor.The packing of the Screw part is out of the first from the beginning and P...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) 스위치와 스로틀 홀더

When installing, I will tighten with Bolt & Nut, but there is too much play in the hole part where Nut is fixed and it got round and round and round and tightened.I think that there is an error with manufacturing fixed because it is only one side problem but my feeling is Ha Gap?.It was disappoi...

HURRICANE 플랫 대륙의 2 종류 Φ7 / 8 인치 핸들 스틸

Reasonably priced item. Seems a fraction bigger than the stock parts. As a result the switch housings and riser clamps appear to have more of a gap between them after installing this bar. The paint also seems very susceptible to scratches. The part that attached to the risers are smooth, not knurled...

SUNSTAR 전면 스프로킷

Since we exchange Chain and Rear sprocket, we exchanged at the same time.I think that it is durable because it was only a little decreasing.

MINIMOTO 슈퍼 라이트 프론트 스프로킷

I bought -14 T and 15 T in 6 vGORILLA.It was only about 55 kilometers faster than the maximum speed on a flat road, the engine sound was also breaking, I was turning. Because it is late ...Because NORMAL was 12 T and I wanted to keep Chain as NORMALAlthough it was the favorite of 15T,I had to change...

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