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모터 매거진 (주)에 의해 제공
최다 조회 순위 2 135 모델...에서 HONDA -50cc
베스트 브랜드
최고의 제품


Throttle a good volume (90 db or more) So I wanted Baffle, but in order to set it inside, I gave up because I only need to remove Rivet.I substituted Glass Wool from the exhaust port with substitute, and lowered the volume.

MADMAX 플랫 형 바 끝으로 설정 핸들 그립

Well it's probably because it's a product of Maid Inch Yina - - - It's a price item. It looks like an eye d. The detail making is somewhat - - - that's all.

MADMAX 미니 깜박이

I purchased it by exchange from OEM. Bolt diameter of installation is also exactly good, Wiring's Length does not matter, Size likes it with Compact. And Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. This time Quantity : 2pc. As the exchange of the set, the rest are considered as spares. As a disadvantage, is it im...

ALCAN hands 블랙 고무 그립 알파

Great looking grips, they fit perfectly on my 2005 SR400. Really well priced too so great bang for buck. They are fit on in about ten seconds and provide a nice grip and comfort. I can highly recommend this product!

MADMAX 핸들 그립 웨이브 형

Quality of the product is great although its from china
Have good grip and comfortable on hands. Really comfortable when wearing gloves. easy to use accelerator on long journeys. no strain on hands. But issue is it is shorter and smaller for honda jade.
received the product within a week to Sri La...

World Walk 조정 가능한 SF 스타일 거울 독점

The LeftMirror's angle adjuster was staggering when I left the box.At that time, I was wondering if it was not tightened but it was soft and strange in the lightly tightened place, but when I tried to remove it, the Screw mountain was completely crushed.It was annoying that the result of being k...

KN Planning 브레이크 클램프 세트

Ideal for One point Custom. Although it is only self-satisfactory, appearance changes considerably and Cost performance is good. We are exchanging at the same time with Mission oil cap of the same Manufacturer, but it is satisfied Customly.

ai-net 도금 배기 시스템 커버

I was wondering if I should attach it from OEM, but Screw can not be used as it is, I searched for it from the Stock item and installed it. Those who are not used may have difficulty, but I enjoyed it without being distressed. It may not be a fashion now, but Plating is beautiful and Motorcycle look...

unicar 신축성있는 안장 커버

Although I was worried about whether Large is tough with such a simple item, it seems that Seat of ZOOMER with many holes with good hole feeling also can be easily installed. Because it is not exclusive, I will be a little worried about the return part, but it is enough to see at once.

NTB 오토바이 12V에 대한 성 노출증 릴레이 (2 단자)

Helmet in JOG attached to sports. The reason for replacement is occasionally because Blinker does not work on the way during Blinker operation. Because this Connector shape of Relay is different for this JOG sports, I made Adapter with Flat Terminal. Relay fixing method is Tie Wrap Fixing in Light c...

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