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모터 매거진 (주)에 의해 제공
최다 조회 순위 2 135 모델...에서 HONDA -50cc
베스트 브랜드
최고의 제품
배수량 49 엔진 유형 Water-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
최대 출력 (ps) 4.2PS/8,500rpm 최대 토크 (kgf / m) 0.41kgf・m/5,500rpm
차량 중량 (건조 중량) - 연료 탱크 용량 리터 4.8

Hunter 미니 레이싱 그립 (왼쪽 및 뒤쪽 세트)

Хорошо и плотненько наделись, рукой прикасаться приятно, выглядят стильно (для тех кто не любит пестрости а больше склоняется к строгим класическим цветам) Вообщем покупкой доволен, рекомендую!
Google translate:
Well and densely put on, hand to touch nice, look stylish (for those who do not li...

UPS TUNE 구동 키트 [유형 2]

I heard that the Center spring is a bit harder than the OEM of ZOOMER. Rotation speed just got better at the start and it was pulled from the low speed to the middle range.After that I adjusted Pulley and Weight and it got even better.Appearance Parenthesis is nice.However, although it may be in sto...

ALBA 무게 롤러

Weight Roller is a consumable item, and if it is set up, there is almost nothing to use next unless it runs, but if I ran as normal as 200 m, I was cutting a little.Is it soft or is it compatible with Pulley?

KEIO PARTS 양극 처리 된 범용 그립 [유형 C]

Used for SR 400. Axel side does not match, it was impossible to process Throttle considerably. What is conformity? It is better not to purchase!

KITACO 깜박이 렌즈 세트

ชุดกรอบไฟเลี้ยว kitaco เป็นผลิตภัณฑ์ที่สวยงาม เข้ารูป ติดตั้งง่ายไม่ต้องดัดัแปลง ตัวเนื้อเลนส์ใสไม่ขุ่น ตัวหลอดไฟสีสวยงาม

ALCAN hands 익스트림 그립 RCG-004

Plus side : Price is cheap, around (grip) Soft, I think that it is good not to get stiff even in cold weather, individuals with many vibrations.Minus surface : Grip becomes thick (About Grip heater included) So, for those who are Small in hands, depending on the angle of Handlebar, the thickness inc...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) 브레이크 조정 너트

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEG Brake Adjust Nut ตัวตั้งเบรคหลังรูปทรงสวยงามทันสมัยวัสดุดุดีมีสีสวยงามและยังมีปั๊มตราแบรนด์ ทาเกกาว่า ไว้บนตัวสินค้าอีกด้วยซึ่งบ่งบอกถึงแบรนด์คุณภาพชื่อดังมาตราฐานญี่ปุ้นแท้
(translated by Google Translator)
SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEG Brake Adjust Nu
The r...

MADMAX 라운드 형 미니 깜박이 2 조각 세트

Although I bought Blinker with 4 pieces 1000 yen + shipping fee at a certain OakitionAll the balls went out on that day, I broke 1 pc.Product and texture I bought this time will not change, but this item seems to be more reliable.If there is no problem using a little more, after Quantity : 2pc. I wi...

ALCAN hands 그립 Φ22 용 iGrip

A bit thick, easy to use ♪ slippery and slim small groovesI think that hands are hard to hurt even for a long time.I also think I will purchase this Grip next.

KITACO 에어 요소

กรองอากาศของยี่ห้อkitaco ตรงรุ่นรถzoomeraf58 ไส้กรองละเอียดสวยงาม แพ็คเกจสวยงาม วัสดุที่ใช้ดูดีมีคุณภาพ คุ้มค่ากับเงินที่จ่ายไป
Kitaco air filters Straight car model zoomeraf58 Beautiful filter Beautiful package Good quality materials. Value for money paid.
(translated by Google Translator)

최근 본 상품