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KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-14R (ZZR1400)

모터 매거진 (주)에 의해 제공
최다 조회 순위 5 37 모델...에서 KAWASAKI 1001cc-
베스트 브랜드

TANAX 카울링 미러 6

Bought the TANAX Cowling Mirror 6 to replace my oem side mirrors. Easy to install instructions, very versatile in every angle unlike the oem mirrors.
However I replaced the original screws supplied with stainless steel screws to prolong the life of the screws and to prevent rusting of the origin...

GIVI 쉬운 자물쇠 BF04

Without this Easy Lock TanClock can not be installed so it is only a part to buy.Part of Main was warped rather than flat, so I thought of turning in a moment.Ninja 1000 '15 MODEL, opening and closing of filler opening was OK without installation problem. A friend of the current Z1000 seems that...

BABYFACE 프레임 슬라이더

I used OverRACING, but because it is hard to remove the SIDE fin, I replaced it with this product. Easy to remove as it leaves the center of the fin. Since the product of Over gets out from under one, it scratches and struggled to remove the fin. However, because it is above the product of Over, whe...

TANAX 카울링 미러 6

OEMMirror's visibility was bad so I exchanged it.After exchanging, I ran several times and adjusted, but it will be difficult to see blurred Mirror from about 80 km / h. Especially Right Side becomes hard to see. Stopping the Mirror If you tighten the Screw tightly by diverting the OEM, the shak...

DAYTONA 특별 항공 육종

The shape of the tip is slightly different from OEM. I feel a sense of incompatibility when I put on Rubber cap.Seal tape winds in the reverse direction, not in the tightening direction.Noticing that Brake fluid seeped out of Caliper's Air breederRust was amazing as I removed it. Indeed when I t...

NGK 이리듐 플러그 CR9EIA-9 6289

Purchased because use of Iridium plugs was specified as Manufacturer.It is stable quality.However, saving a little if it is cheaper.6 thousand yen in 4 pcs...

OVER RACING 레이싱 슬라이더

Compared to other Manufacturer's Slider, it is not attached to direct, so it seems to escape shocks well!Also, in the case of 14r, the Slider of Over comes to a lower position than other Manufacturer, so even if you defeat it by eggs etc., Cowletc. It is likely that scratches will be less.Gold a...

DAYTONA 특별 항공 육종

Noticing that Brake fluid seeped out of Caliper's Air breederRust was amazing as I removed it. Indeed when I thought this was dangerous, I found this productReplaced. As I wrote that the installation was to tighten Seal tape one half turn and tightenI rolled Emon's Seal tape. It looks more m...

DAYTONA 알루미늄 컷 아웃 브레이크 레버를 조정

In the past I was using a certain U ~ Lever, but Brake's effective Timing is different, I'm worried with the corner of LeverWas itMr. DAYTONA likes it because it works with Timing which is almost the same as OEM, and I feel like I did not care about it, so I like it

ALBA G-GRIP 미끄럼 방지 시트 교환 서비스

Seat which was completed was sent back, and when opening it, I first cared about Wrinkle. OEMSeat is not possible Wrinkle. I used it several times, but Wrinkle will not go away. I do not think that we are pulling out hands, but would not it be better to make the final check after work a bit more str...

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