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모터 매거진 (주)에 의해 제공
최다 조회 순위 9 77 모델...에서 KAWASAKI 126cc-250cc
베스트 브랜드
Ninja 250 equipped with advanced technology derived from the race to a quality feeling beyond the scale of the quarter model.In the 2016 model, we changed the design of the instrument panel to improve the visibility, as well as renewing the coloring.Stylish and powerful full fairing, sharpened rear and tail.The assist & slipper clutch makes the operation feeling of the clutch lever light, making it possible to suppress hopping and slipping of the rear tire.A lightweight, slim diamond frame gains excellent strength, durability and rigidity balance.In addition, the front fork is a telescopic type boasting an inner tube diameter of 37 mm, which combines stability and comfort at various road conditions and speed ranges.Accessories such as single seat cover and smart bag are also enriched.It is made to be able to change the style according to the taste and use of the rider.The coloring of the 2017 model has prepared two colors of metallic spark black and candy plasma blue.
배수량 248 엔진 유형 Water-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 2-cylinder/DOHC/4 Valve
최대 출력 (ps) 31ps(23kw)/11000rpm 최대 토크 (kgf / m) 2.1kg・m(21N・m)/8500rpm
차량 중량 (건조 중량) - 연료 탱크 용량 리터 17


- CBR250R (MC41 2011) Front and back mounting.- Change from BS BATTLAX S250 EVO.- Impressions exceeding 1,000 km in use distance.- I have never been running on a highway.- In the main usage method, running through the city and running on the mountain road and returning to the city,One mileage is abo...

U-CP 유니버설 스테인레스 스틸 레이싱 소음기

As a substitute for the repair of MORIWAKI which was attached to CB 400 V ?, I purchased it with playing half.Even if Baffle is on, there will be a nasty sound.It is cruel to compare with high-ranking Manufacturer's Silencer for drift, but this will be a fun Arrangement with this.It is compatibl...

POSH 21323148 ​​★ 전면 연기 깜박이 렌즈 세트

It took me a while to remove CowlThanks to the detailed Instruction Manual, I did not have any difficulties.OEMSocket will not enter Right Side's Light absolutely, I feel wellI got a little slashed out with HandReamer and it came in smoothly.It was necessary processing with compatible items of t...

RK BL 블랙 스케일 시리즈 체인 BL520R-XW

Until now, I often used Glaringly's Gold chainWhere I consulted Motorcycle store says that it might be too flashy"There is BlackChain" Recommended and wearing.It is Gold, is not it, is not arguing too muchI express it as Custom.Of course, since Black part is in Coating, it does not hav...

DUNLOP TT900GP [140 / 70-17 MC 66H TL] 타이어

It was a change from IRR's 01R.I am going to run Compound is good I got a feeling that I was steadily kicking the road with straight acceleration, but the cornering limit is too early.I think that this is not a matter of Compound but a design of Tire itself, but suddenly you lose your Grip abili...

NGK 이리듐 플러그 4814 CR8EIX

Since I used it even before I owned R25, this time before R3 also deliveredI asked Motorcycle store to install it.Even one start, even fuel economy R 25, R 3 fuel economy further rises.It's a perfect plug in everything.

SPHERE LIGHT 오토바이에 대 한 LED 전구 RIZING H7 [구근]

Installed in zx-6 r in 16 years. I thought that Heat sink of heat dissipation will interfere, but since it did not hit Limit it was attached with no processing. It is bright, it looks pure white with a white color too!

DENSO 이리듐 레이싱 플러그 IU01-27

I exchanged Plug because it exceeded 11000 km. Although it is an impression of about 500 km,The attachment of Axel at 1500-3000 rpm improved, and the high rotation also turned wellI think. 5 speed 40 km is easier to run. Just 2000-3000 PartialI feel that the area became irritable, and it became diff...

DAYTONA 하이퍼 패드

I exchanged from OEM. As a performance I felt a bit better than OEM. It is very effective, I feel that the adjustment range is larger than the OEM, I am very happy

NGK 이리듐 플러그 4814 CR8EIX

I installed it in Ninja 250, but Poweretc. Was it like I was changed?.However, the vibration has changed obviously, before my hands have not been numb, my hands have become numb with changing to Iridium plugs.Although I was able to suppress a little by changing the Handlebar Weight, I am still numb....

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