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Sometimes gorgeous, sometimes delicately.Pleasure to freely manipulate the machine, everyone can enjoy exhilaration, sports performance of XJR.However, in fact, the enjoyment of XJR is not only there. 1250 cm 3 ・ Air cooled ・ in-line 4 cylinder engine.Conventional twin rear shock to double cradle frame of high tension steel pipe pipe.Cowles' s naked model. This configuration, which can also be called the typical of traditional motorcycles in Japan, actually has a unique commitment unique to XJR "air cooling". The motorcycle engine is not just a power unit.It is one of the important elements that make up the car body and, above all, styling. There is inevitably "beauty" required.Unique to air-cooling, the beauty of each fins arranged orderly and closely. The sturdiness of the cylinder head, which insists on large displacement and the volume feeling of 4 cylinders. In addition, the elegant curve-drawing exhaust pipe fuses here, and this beauty is completed.
배수량 1250 엔진 유형 Air-cooled/4-stroke/DOHC/4 Valve/4-cylinder
최대 출력 (ps) 100ps/8,000r/min 최대 토크 (kgf / m) 11.0kg・m/6,000r/min
차량 중량 (건조 중량) - 연료 탱크 용량 리터 21L(「無鉛プレミアムガソリン」指定)

MICHELIN 파일럿 파워 3 [120 / 70ZR17 남 / 기음 (58W) TL] 타...

Hello . I want to share a review about the product I bought. I bought myself a back wheel Michelin Pilot Power 3 120/70 . After a short period of operation, I can say: - the rubber quickly heats up, unlike the previous Michelin Pilot Power wheel. Good keeps the road, even in cold weather. Good grip ...

NGK 이리듐 플러그 DPR8EIX-9 4274

I took 11,500? This time and replaced it for the first Iridium plugs.I removed the Seat, lifted the tank and worked, but it took around 20 minutes.After installing the Plug, when I hung the Engine, Idling was first stable. When I ran it I could actually feel that the rushing up was so different with...

CHERRY 포크 먼지 인감 오일 씰 세트

I bought it for KLX 250 but the thickness of Seal is thicker than OEM. Therefore, because Clip does not stick, I gave up the wearing. That's too bad.

HURRICANE BM 대륙의 3 종류 Φ7 / 8 인치 핸들 스틸

Since it was 163 cm and Small handle, I felt Handlebar was a bit far and low, so I exchanged it. Harness and Wire had plenty of time, but since Brake hose was feeling Limit even at NORMAL, I searched for the range where the Large Year Position does not change and made it to this Handlebar.Because it...

ALCAN hands 익스트림 그립 RCG-004

Plus side : Price is cheap, around (grip) Soft, I think that it is good not to get stiff even in cold weather, individuals with many vibrations.Minus surface : Grip becomes thick (About Grip heater included) So, for those who are Small in hands, depending on the angle of Handlebar, the thickness inc...

NGK 표준 플러그 DPR8EA-9 4929

It is enough just as usual to use Motorcycle, so it is just as adequate as attached to Manufacturer's shipment.I tried windshield IRIDIUM and so on in the past but I am insensitive, so it seems like it has some effect "Qi" I only did it. Of course it should be different from durability...


Good branded and perfect mirror for my bike.Image are clear when bike go at high speed.I have ordered 2 more for my spare.I like the orange striking colour that makes my bike to be seen by other at night time.

ZCOO 브레이크 패드 세라믹 소결

Unlike other Brake Pads, you can feel the goodness of effect clearly.Characteristic is strongly effective from the earliest times of handfuls, so some familiarity may be necessary.I used TYPE-C, but there are many things that I can not stand on the NORMAL discI bent a number of sheets. Mujirushi peo...

R&G 탱크 패드

When we arrived, it was already floating from release paper.It seemed that the adhesive strength was not 0 and the season was still hot, so I tried adhering to Tank in the meantime and then it will float after a while.As another means, by holding down from above for a long time, I hope that the shap...

HURRICANE 플랫 대륙의 2 종류 Φ7 / 8 인치 핸들 스틸

Reasonably priced item. Seems a fraction bigger than the stock parts. As a result the switch housings and riser clamps appear to have more of a gap between them after installing this bar. The paint also seems very susceptible to scratches. The part that attached to the risers are smooth, not knurled...
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