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모터 매거진 (주)에 의해 제공
최다 조회 순위 5 28 모델...에서 YAMAHA 751cc-1000cc
베스트 브랜드
최고의 제품
SSK 꼬리 덮개
최고의 제품
엔진 부품

핸들 & 컨트롤부품

프레임 / 가드
서스펜션 / 리어셋 / 휠 / 스윙암


With the concept of "High tech armed pure Sport" which embodies "circuit fastest" that can experience the thought of YZR-M1, with a focus on race participation and circuit running, it is a new true super sports model that allows riders to focus on running is there.
Color variations are two colors "Deep Purpose Blue Metallic C" and "Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6".
배수량 998 엔진 유형 4-stroke/Water-cooled/DOHC/4 Valve/Parallel 4-cylinder
최대 출력 (ps) 200PS / 13,500r/min 최대 토크 (kgf / m) 11.5kgf.m / 11,500r/min
차량 중량 (건조 중량) - 연료 탱크 용량 리터 17

ZETA 파일럿 레버 클러치

그동안 중국산 레버를 사용했었는데 너무 질이 떨어지더라구요
큰맘먹고 고민고민 끝에 지인들의 추천으로 제타레버 선택하였는데 정말 좋아요
위바이크에서 구매한지 얼마되지는 않았지만 구매하는 것마다 정말 만족스럽네요
일체감있게 유격없고 가볍고 튼튼해보이면서도 제 바이크가 한층더 멋있어진것 같네요...

HIFLOFILTRO Hiflofiltro 오일 필터 HF303

Hello. I bought this oil filter for my Yamaha YZF R1 2005. The package was well packaged, came, without any damage. The oil filter HIFLOFILTRO HF-303 was designed easily and without problems. The quality of the goods is as high as it should be.
I will buy more. I recommend it to everyone. Do not re...

Yamashiro 자전거 커버 "KAGEMARU KUN"

It is thinner than the thick product of LEAD Industry which I used to date.Light, easy to carry and store.Feeling that the molding fits RC 46 of VFR, it fits better to the car body than any Cover I used to date.Although there is anxiety about the durability due to sheer thinness, it can not be said ...

BABYFACE 액슬 프로텍터

Easy to install, just screw in the hole ... but ... but it was Solidly not to easily come off so we needed ingenuity !! Rubber hammer knocks a little by little, it feels screwed! Naming on the table does not go away To Quantity Rubber or Cloth : 1pc. It is safe to have it.Both fashion & peace of...

BABYFACE 액슬 프로텍터

Easy to install and complete with 10 minutes if there is a tool.You can be satisfied with this price with fashion & peace of mind. Motorcycle Because it is a human being with low knowledge, I am a bit puzzled by the Instruction Manual [No Illustration] It was easy.. The attached Sticker is also ...

Carbony 건식 카본 테일 내부 고깔

It gotten to be installed somehow by hanging it for about 2 hours.Rear cowl is slightly warped differently so it can not be installed completely.Well it takes time and effort but the feeling that I installed is terribly Race ish ^ ^

METZELER ROADTEC 01 [120 / 70 ZR 17 남 / 기음 (58W) T...

It is soft and has an impression that Life is short for Touring tire.Tire 's Pattern is a distinctive place to divide likes and dislikes.I can not evaluate because it is not yet running in the rainy weather.

BABYFACE 스윙 암 / 스탠드 후크 V 유형

Compared with Spool type, I made Plate type concerned about folding when falling down.Accuracy is high, it can be installed immediately.I think that it was good to purchase.

Magical Racing 레이서 복제 미러 TYPE-1

Since the scope of OEMMirror's viewing range of T595 was narrow, in 2004 I attached a Type 1 Replica mirror with adjustment function to Bracket and Mirror body.The blurring due to speed and vibration is also less and the backward visibility is also improved by adjusting Bracket.As I changed to S...

KIJIMA 헬멧 잠금

As I heard that it was difficult to understand with comments from other people, I searched with Net, so it was attached so much without hesitation.Bracket Attaching the root to press the root of the Tandem Footpeg, Point.

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