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59,338 리뷰 보기 유형:
  • 새로운
    • KAWASAKI W800
    • W650 Uphandle specification ALL
    • W400 ALL
    • W650 Low handle specification ALL
    게시 Jul 27, 2017Excellent buy
    으로 Ant (1)에서Spain
    The Product is excellent in finish and fits perfectly. I get very fast. 9 days from Japan to Spain Canary Islands. Excellent product and shipping, and at all times he knew the status of the order.
  • 새로운
    • HONDA DAX 50 [Dax]
    • DAX 70 [Dax] (AC13 all models)
    • CB50 (AF 53 all models)
    • R&P (HC 07 all models)
    • MAGNA50 (AC16 all models)
    • ...그리고 더.
    으로 Adam T Haynes (2)에서United States
    The Honda CT 70/Honda Dax sprocket arrived quickly and is a quality product. I received a 31T, which is the correct product I purchased from Web!ke. This company is legit and their website is user f...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • YAMAHA WR250X 2008 - 2015
    • WR250R 2008 - 2015
    게시 Jul 25, 2017Does not fit WR250R
    으로 Dirtrebel (1)에서Singapore
    The case saver does not Fit the WR250R. Holes cannot be aligned and unable to mount. ☹️
    I'm using a 14t sprockets and the case saver is unable to fit in. Wasted my $$ on this자세히보기
  • 새로운
    Screen으로 KIJIMA
    • SUZUKI BURGMAN200 [Bergman]
    게시 Jul 25, 2017Windscreen for Burgman 200
    으로 NO NAME (1)에서Singapore
    Installation is easy.. it fits well on my bike... overall very nice. will recommend to other user. the kajima screen can be improved on the thickness of the plastic but it fits nicely on my bike. not ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • YAMAHA MT-03 16
    • MT-25
    게시 Jul 25, 2017DAYTONA Multi Wing Carrier
    으로 YAMAHA MT03 (1)에서China
    Very good!Sophisticated technology, exquisite materials, post processing is convenient, simple installation, accessories are complete.자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA NC750X
    • NC700S
    • NC700X
    • NC750S
    게시 Jul 25, 2017Screw was too short
    으로 NO NAME (1)에서United States
    The screw that came with the stopper was too short and the center stand kept on touching my foot while riding so I had to buy another screw 1 inch longer and an extra nut to adjust to the desired high...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    게시 Jul 24, 2017Exhaust Plug Small
    으로 Sansuk (24)에서Thailand
    An easy-to-use and easy-to-use plug-in f...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • Others Single Universal
    게시 Jul 24, 2017Pwk33
    으로 Sansuk (24)에서Thailand
    It is a high quality engine spare parts that meet the most customized engine.
  • 새로운
    • HONDA GYRO X94 【TA 01 - 1800001 and after】
    • YAMAHA DIO SR96 【AF35-1400001 to 1459615】
    • SUZUKI EVE SMILE (Eve Smile)86 【AF06-6300001 and after】
    • EXPRESS (Express)84 【AB 20-1000041 to 1045015】
    • DIO Fit97 【AF 27-4000001 and after】
    • ...그리고 더.
    으로 Nepsha (10)에서Russia
    The product came in a sealed box and excellent quality! Packaging is not damaged and the product too! I took it in reserve, so I did not install it on a motorcycle! I recommend this product and store ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA Joker90[HF09] 1996 【Frame No. 】 HF 09-1000001 or later
    • Joker90[HF09] 1998 【Frame No. 】 HF 09-1100001 or later
    • LEAD90 (Lead) [HF05] 1992 【Frame No. 】 HF 05-1100001 to 1139944
    • LEAD90 (Lead) [HF05] 1993 【Frame No. 】 HF 05 - 1200001 or later
    • LEAD90 (Lead) [HF05] 1988 【Frame No. 】 HF 05-100 0001 to 109 3657
    • ...그리고 더.
    으로 Nepsha (10)에서Russia
    The product came in a sealed form and of excellent quality! The packaging is not damaged and the product too! I took it in reserve, so I did not print it and did not install it on the motorcycle! Prod...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA DAX[ST50] 1971 【Frame No. 】 ST50-4000001 to 4057710 【Usage place】 Used for front & rear (simultaneous exchange : 2 sets used)
    • Cabina 90 [HF06] 1994 【Frame No. 】 HF 06-1000001 or later 【Usage place】 Used for front & rear (simultaneous exchange : 2 sets used)
    • DAX70[ST70] 1971 【Frame No. 】 ST 70-4000001 to 4030165 【Usage place】 Used for front & rear (simultaneous exchange : 2 sets used)
    • Sharry [CF50] 1983 【Frame No. 】 CF 50-3200001 to 3206963 【Usage place】 Used for front & rear (simultaneous exchange : 2 sets used)
    • Ape50 (Ape) [AC16] 2004 【Frame No. 】 AC 16-1300001 or later 【Usage place】 Used for front & rear (simultaneous exchange : 2 sets used)
    • ...그리고 더.
    으로 Nepsha (10)에서Russia
    The product came in a sealed form and of excellent quality! The packaging is not damaged and the product too! I took it in reserve, so I did not print it and did not install it on the motorcycle! Prod...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    게시 Jul 24, 2017Great pillow! I'm happy!
    으로 Nepsha (10)에서Russia
    Ordered for installation on the Honda Joker 90. Directly attached to Sissi bar firm Hurigane bought here! Installed in 5 minutes without problems! This gave the original cruising look to the scooter! ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • SUZUKI ST250 Etype (ST250XK9)
    게시 Jul 24, 2017fits US/Canadian TU250x
    으로 Steve Lam (1)에서Canada
    fits the US/Canadian tu250x just fine! Does what its supposed to do. A bit more expensive than generic boots but finding ones that actually fit well on the tu250x will be a huge waste of time. trust m...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • SUZUKI TS400 72-77 【Usage place】 rear [Steel Nipples for Z - WHEEL] W38-D336M
    • YAMAHA SP400 80 【Usage place】 rear [Steel Nipples for Z - WHEEL] W38-F336M
    • SP370 78
    • TS250 81-83
    • TS250 80
    • ...그리고 더.
    게시 Jul 22, 2017High Cospa
    I thought it would be appropriate because it was cheap, but a quite texture.It is very much appreciated that it is put out for the old Motorcycle.Once it is current model, old car TF125 of new car cou...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA ZOOMER-X [Zoomer X]
    Parts' finish is almost satisfying. Especially the surface seems to be Tough and as expected. A bit of BALI was able to be fixed with Sandpaper. Just as for the installation, as the pioneer who re...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA GORILLA (Z50J-1100001-/AB27-1000001-1899999)
    • MONKEY (FI) (AB27-1900001-)
    Every time I put it in the 1st gear from Neutral, there was a shock with Nacho in the Normal hub, but after the exchange I became a pushing gear and the impact was relieved.The feeling of being shaky ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • YAMAHA SR400/500 (78-84)、SR400 (10-16)
    게시 Jul 22, 2017Is this a failed work?
    When installing, care is taken not to drop the tip Ball, when exchanging to adjust Valve clearance When extracting Thickness Gauge, corner of Ball's Flat part is caught and it can not be adjusted ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • Others STEED600 [Steed] VLX 90-97 Normal holder Universal
    • Hurricane sea bar bar holder or plate fitted car
    • STEED400 [Steed] VLX 90-97 Normal holder
    으로 Nepsha (10)에서Russia
    I bought this backrest for the Honda Joker 90, knowing that I can not do without the improvements! But everything turned out just fine! I drilled just 4 holes in the trunk and it became like my own! I...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • Others Universal
    게시 Jul 22, 2017This is H2 style
    When Ninja H2 was announced, I noticed that Reserve tank is not necessarily white (Lol)This product with the same shape as Ninja 1000 can be attached.I care about the handling of Brake fluid, but easy...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA CBR400RR (FNO.NC23-1020001-1098116)
    게시 Jul 22, 2017This item is recommended
    Although it has not yet been installed yet, it is quite somewhat somewhat due to stocks, as there are few Universal parts.It would be even more appreciated if you could select a few more.자세히보기
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