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Saddle Bag MIL HenlyBegins
맞다: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
게시 Jul 25, 2017

Rất tốt

으로 Hung Nguyen (5)에서Vietnam

Tôi dự định mua sản phẩm này để thay thế cho túi đeo, kích thước rất phù hợp với chiếc SR400 của tôi, chất liệu và dây buộc rất chắc chắn. Khóa và các vòng kim loại rất tốt.

PVC Rubber Cell Phone Strap HONDA RIDING GEAR
게시 Jul 25, 2017

Honda CB400

으로 Kelison (21)에서Singapore

Fast delivery. Received item in good condition. Item is pretty small but very detailed. Great as gifts. Would be better if it is also available in other colours.

Swingarm Lift Stand Unit
게시 Jul 22, 2017

Prevent falls?

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

Although it is not the original usage method, because Side Stand has been lengthened by Lowdown, I use it as a stall of prevention against falling to Right Side with a body that is upright.I can not recommend it to prevent falling because I have not used the original way, but it was easy to use for cleaning the Chain and cleaning the Wheel.

HC2 Lift Stand DRC
맞다: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
게시 Jul 22, 2017

Second unit

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

I used it in Maintenance when I was riding SEROW 225, but it was purchased again as I gave it to acquaintance as I sold it.I was worried about entering by XR 250 MOTARD with 15 mm LOW DOW and FFork protrusion, but it went without problems.

SCOTT Shop Towel (Paper Waste) GUTSCHROME
게시 Jul 22, 2017

You can use GunGun!

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

Wiping hands with Motorcycle tampering, wiping with Oil, Dustcloth is required extraordinarily.This product is thick and easy to use.You can wipe sweat when you are preparing for midsummer (^^) v

Motorcycle Cover Super Bike Dress KAWASAKI
  • ZX-14R
게시 Jul 22, 2017

Perfect for Motorcycle

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

UniversalBike Cover used before used to purchase the used car of ZZr 1400 for purchasing 07 years, so I went to Kawasaki OEMCover if I was looking for a new item. Easy to hang because it is made close to exclusive, looks preeminent, Waterproof is not, but due to water repellent processing, rain water falls cleanly. It is perfect because it is NORMA...

Black Cover 2 Standard DAYTONA
맞다: YAMAHA MT-09 ABS [MT09A] 2016
  • YAMAHA MT-09 ABS [MT09A] 2016
  • SUZUKI GSX1300R falcon (GX72B) 17
  • HONDA CB1100、CB1100EX Type I/II、CB1100 E Package (SC65) 17
게시 Jul 22, 2017

It is good for the price.

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

I use it for outdoor storage.In the old Motorcycle, since the Engine part hits Cover, I can not cover immediately after stopping the Engine, but after a while (Although Engine is still hot) Even though Cover is hung, there is no such thing as the fabric is damaged.Large feeling seems rather slightly Large, but if you fix the Belt for fixing tightly...

Exclusive Taffeta Bike Cover with Tail BOX Vehicle C Type unicar
맞다: HONDA FORESIGHT [Foresight] / EX
  • HONDA FORESIGHT [Foresight] / EX
  • PGO T-REX125 [Scarab beo]
  • SYM X゛PRO RV 180 JP (CJ44A -)
  • KYMCO RV125JP (CJ43A)
  • ...그리고 더.
게시 Jul 22, 2017

I think that it is good for cheap.

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

I bought it for FUSION's RearBox.I am satisfied because Large is also easy to put on well.Also, I hope Rear side is squeezed with a string and I can adjust Size so it will be hard to fly on a windy day.The fabric is thin, but it would be suitable for the price.It is likely to be used to some extent if you take care of removing.Even if it is tor...

PVC Rubber Cell Phone Strap HONDA RIDING GEAR
게시 Jul 20, 2017


으로 Kelison (21)에서Singapore

Fast delivery. Received in good condition. Great as gifts. It would be better if item in available in different colours.

게시 Jul 20, 2017


으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

The display is easy to see Compact is good. Easy to install, it was possible to install on a small Space. I thought it was okay to think again if there is something of the same type.

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