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오토바이 기어

WJ-732R Jeans KOMINE
게시 Sep 21, 2017

Very Fast Delivery.

으로 Anonymous (3)에서South Korea

I ordered for my wife just 3 days ago in Korea.
And I got it now.
Very good quality and speedy delivery. ...

Anti-fog vision system Airflaps AIRFLAPS
게시 Sep 17, 2017

Preference may be different depending on...

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

I bought it as a countermeasure for fogging of Goggles.Merit? Not cloudy?It's cool (When deploying and running)Demerit? There is a feeling of pressure as Goggles' edge is in sight (Personally impressed)? Even if it is expanded and restored, I will not go back to my vespoke and eventually I will fix it by hand? It can not be removed easily w...

RSB268 Hip Bag (L) RS Taichi
게시 Sep 17, 2017

I like Design

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

From Wallet to smartphone, enter Camera, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Pocket enters Plastic bottle (It is heavy and painful if you put it there)It may be a difficult point that the lid of the Main air chamber is a little hard to open.It is convenient with a D-kan to be pinned on the Tank Bag or Seat bag.It is also good to be able to sandwic...

JK-117 Protect Full Mesh Jacket Gimon KOMINE
게시 Sep 16, 2017

Expected quality

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

I purchased it as Jacket which is comfortable in the summer and Protection is solid. Elbow, shoulder, chest, back is a hard Protector Standard Equipment. You can ride with confidence in Fit feeling well.

TT-419 Washable Gloves YAMAHA
게시 Sep 15, 2017

It is inexpensive, Tough has a lot of in...

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

The second one is currently in use.This was the best though other companies used it outside sewing.The first one lasted for 3 years without using Maintenance too much except for winter season.Although it is thin and there is no vibration damping property, you can issue Small money from Wallet or write letters while wearing it.Because it is made by ...

Air Permeable Chest Pad ROUGH&ROAD
게시 Sep 15, 2017

It's a soft Urethane pad, is not it?

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

Product is soft Amiami Urethane pad. Will it protect my body with this?I did not match Jacket, but it became Exactly because it can easily be cut with Scissors.Although it may be a bit better than nothing, for the time being it is OK.Because it is cheap, this kind of thing.

SK-630 Body Armored T-Shirt KOMINE
게시 Sep 15, 2017

I feel secure.

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

Height of 177 cm, weight 80 kg, chest circumference about 100 cm, so I bought Size XL but it was Just fit.Base fabric is stretchy and coarse Mesh.Shoulder Protector Fit feeling can be adjusted with Belt in front and back and side part.Chest Protector is Quantity : 1pc. It's a structure so it's comfortable and it's Size that covers to th...

PK-707 Full Armored Mesh Pants RAGUSA KOMINE
게시 Sep 15, 2017

I think it was good to pick this up. Com...

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

It is a metabolic uncle of Motorcycle history 43 years, running 600,000?. When I bought my first Large car = Vmax 5 and half years ago "High speed running = Leather Pants essential" I bought a leather Pants and used it without any doubt, but after 61 years of age I went through the summer of 2017 and went through Touring, suddenly "D...

Direct Air Mesh Jacket FP ROUGH&ROAD
게시 Sep 14, 2017

It is COSPA with expected performance

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

It is breathable because the hole of Mesh is Large, and it will demonstrate the way in midsummer Touring with temperature of 35 degrees.Because Mesh is rough, the sun is easy to go in reverse, if you do not wear long sleeve Inner you may be troubled when you get sunburned.Since Protector is lightweight with Mesh, I think that it is a proper perform...

Riding Mesh Jacket ROUGH&ROAD
게시 Sep 14, 2017

It is a changeover from a certain K comp...

으로 Japan User(translated) (151624)에서Japan

I had come back to cheap Mesh jacket for a long time with a fall of half a year ago but I bought it as if I had to buy properly because it was cheap so ....Basic Mesh jacket, I think that Large is durable.The appearance is made from Mesh which is finer than that of Company K but Ventilation? Is higher this way.Initial installation Protector is Soft...

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