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오토바이 기어

SK-804 Beetle Shoulder Guard CE Level 2 KOMINE
게시 Mar 19, 2018

Beetle shoulder Guard

으로 Anonymous (5)에서Thailand

Compact and lightweight.Use knee or shoulder protection.It is a good option to prevent the danger of riding a motorcycle.

[Fall-Winter Apparel Outlet] RST627 Carbon Winter Gloves Size: L [Special Price Item] RS Taichi
게시 Mar 17, 2018

Size is subtle

으로 Japan User(translated) (156488)에서Japan

The same TAICHI RST 611 (M) We are using, perfect for this time a little Large (L) I chose Size, but it was perfect or a little tight. In addition, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I feel the feeling of Fit is different. Because it is an Outlet product, is there no choice? - Because it is a product that can not be exchanged, you can only use it...

[Fall-Winter Apparel Outlet] RST627 Carbon Winter Gloves Size: M [Special Price Item] RS Taichi
게시 Mar 16, 2018

Those tears arrived.

으로 Japan User(translated) (156488)에서Japan

Is it reasonable because it is bargain price. I received a thing that the Velcro part broke.. I am disappointed.. I feel I've reserved a disappointing place of mail-order that can not be confirmed in kind.

[MONKEY 50 Anniversary] MONKEY Baja T-shirt HONDA RIDING GEAR
게시 Mar 16, 2018

Honda Baja t-shirt 50th

으로 Anonymous (62)에서Thailand

Very great product from honda. Very beautiful screen. Shirt made from cotton its very comfort .very fast shipping.thanks webike!

게시 Mar 15, 2018

It is no longer a Repeater

으로 Japan User(translated) (156488)에서Japan

I bought it around April last year, the following year ... That is this year, I wore it every day until today.Until you wear this Goldwin's "Mesh but a waterproof lady" Although I was wearing it, I got flooded in less than an hour and I considered new ones.So, what went up to the candidates was RSS 009 of RSThailand, GSM 1050 of Goldw...

Holster Bag DEGNER
맞다: Others
  • Others
게시 Mar 15, 2018

Perfect as an extension of Pocket

으로 Japan User(translated) (156488)에서Japan

When Wallet got on Motorcycle for long wallet, it was always hard to carry.It enters Jacket's Pocket but Large Kim Limit, putting it in the Pocket behind Jeans is uneasy to fall off, Backpack takes troublesome taking out...I was looking for Back that could be positioned as an extension of Jeans's Pocket. Condition is to enter lengthwise so ...

SA-211 Waterproof Leg Bag KOMINE
게시 Mar 15, 2018

Compact size. I love it more than I thou...

으로 Anonymous (12)에서Thailand

It is compact and hangs around your waist very well. Surprisingly the pocket is large enough to even carry my Samsung Galaxy Tab S. So I am super satisfied. Been walking with this bag all day and it is very comfortable. Happily recommend.

[MONKEY 50 Anniversary] MONKEY Baja T-shirt HONDA RIDING GEAR
게시 Mar 13, 2018

Very nice! I Love it!

으로 Anonymous (2)에서United States

Thank you, fits great and looks wonderful! It was an actual Honda brand shirt, and the colors were very vivid. We Bike is the best for rare parts and cool items! A+

Touring Mesh Jacket SKY
게시 Mar 12, 2018

Chest Pad could not be added.

으로 Japan User(translated) (156488)에서Japan

Design likes this product and buys it.(Orange Line on Black)Then at Motorcycle Supplies Store "Chest Pad is important" Since it was written, Net reviewed it, "The chest is OriginalChest Pat (SK-18) There are storage bags that can be equipped and Velcro that can be equipped with hit-air HardChest Pat. Because there was description, se...

RSX159 Cool Ride Face Mask RS Taichi
게시 Mar 12, 2018

Comfortable and cooling.

으로 Anonymous (3)에서Singapore

This face mask is surprisingly comfortable and cooling to use especially during long ride and hot weather. Probably the best face mask i ever bought!

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