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Saddle Bag MIL HenlyBegins
맞다: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
게시 Jul 25, 2017

Rất tốt

으로 Hung Nguyen (5)에서Vietnam

Tôi dự định mua sản phẩm này để thay thế cho túi đeo, kích thước rất phù hợp với chiếc SR400 của tôi, chất liệu và dây buộc rất chắc chắn. Khóa và các vòng kim loại rất tốt.

Mini Field Seat Bag MFK-067 19-27L TANAX
맞다: Others capacity : 19L-27L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 19L-27L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
게시 Jul 18, 2017

It's just a good Large Kudo.

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

I used it when I returned home to my parents house overnight..Even in a state of being wearing a motorcycle, it is just a good Large Kiso.Even if luggage is increased Both Sides can be expanded so it is safe.Both Sides's Pocket is also user friendly, and above all, I'm happy with the setting of the Drink holder.I am looking forward to using...

Tubular Pannier Holder [PL3101] GIVI
맞다: SUZUKI V-STROM650 ABS (Buystrom) 15 【From VP56A-101590 onwards】
  • SUZUKI V-STROM650 ABS (Buystrom) 15 【From VP56A-101590 onwards】
  • V-STROM650 XT ABS (Buystrom) 15 【From VP56A-101593 and after】
  • V-STROM650 ABS (Buystrom) 14 【From VP56A - 101047 onwards】
  • V-STROM650 ABS (Buystrom) 13 【VP 56A - 100001 and after】
  • ...그리고 더.
게시 Jul 18, 2017

Depends on assembling accuracy

으로 Japan User(translated) (149561)에서Japan

It is a car model only item, but when you search the web by model name + product name "I could not install it properly" It's such a blog that comes out pretty well.However, not only is the precision of this product not only bad, but I think there are also individual differences on the body side.(Some people seem to have attached it wi...

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