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A-TECH 프런트 펜더 특수

Adds an open airflow design and light aspect to the Hayabusa front streamlining . The compact shape matches the stout exhaust quite well on this particular example . The guard also benefits greater ai...

A-TECH 어퍼 두건 내부

Precision is too bad. There is no place where there is one place for the position of the hole. Screw can not fit, what should I do. I should have made CLEVER WOLF in such a case. worst!

A-TECH 어퍼 두건 내부

I made an inquiry to the company after my last evaluation.The contents are as follows.? It is not a Level that can not be processed with File because its accuracy is bad.Is this within the inspection ...

A-TECH 어퍼 두건 내부

Distortion is bad and can not be installed.I can not believe that selling such precision at this price.The Instruction Manual says that it can be easily processed with File,It was not what Level was w...

A-TECH 후면 브레이크 탱크 가드

RearBrake master 's Tank looks awesome, someday I want to buy it, it was good that I could buy it cheaply at Sale. The installation is to fix Color with Bolt biting Color.

A-TECH 스트링거 후면 펜더

I installed it with the same A - TECH Fender Eliminator Kit.Installation itself is BoltQuantity : It is only 2 pc and 3 Tie Wraps so it was completed in a few minutes.We can not see glittering or inte...

A-TECH 펜더 제거기 키트

The machining accuracy of the Bolt hole and the Blinker installation part was very good, there was no problem concerning the installation, Material : FRP with Black Gel But the surface was finished ve...

A-TECH 후면 브레이크 탱크 가드

Normally, most people exchange only Fluid Tank Cap,This is a type that covers the entire Fluid Tank Type that is not in other companies Parts.As Black Ninja 250, Fluid Tank had plastic White as a cons...

A-TECH 뒤꿈치 보호대

Compared to NORMAL's iron plate, it looks light and looks greatest. The real Carbon is light and durable. That's the price (^^)But since it's Dress-up parts, if it looks satisfying, it'...

A-TECH 아래에서 두건

Finally finished painting. Installation Screw can not be installed unless it is machined at two places. There is a need for machining for the ground treatment. It would be nice if you could clear it a...

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