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ACTIVE delivers ACTIVE original and worldwide top-ranking parts such as gale speed and digital monitor to all motorcycle loving riders.

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ACTIVE 캘리퍼스 지원 (브 렘보의 40mm 및 표준 로터 직경)

When using Support, Caliper seems to be hanging in many cases, so it was a bit uneasy to install, but I felt relieved that the position did not go down to that point.Because Front fork 's Bracket ...

ACTIVE 무릎 그립 플레이트

Without this, Knee grip, it does not work at all.I also have a solid foundation, I think that people who do not know are uncomfortable even if they say Standard Equipment.Hats off to high level of ACT...

ACTIVE 펜더 제거기 키트

ZX-10R (16) It attached to. Although it is Fender Eliminator Kit, assembly is a little troublesome with four divisions. (This is divided by Wiring relationship. Also, since the mounting surface on the...

ACTIVE RS 타입 원격 조정 와이어 브라켓 / 철사

Active Co. Has always release good quality product..overall I am happy with it, just need a cutter and a bench clamp for the cables..the turning wheel is not as smooth as other brands but it gave feed...

ACTIVE 밴조 어댑터

When I received the ACTIVE Short Banjo Adapter. The color of the product is beautiful but unlike the previous model. Style that sells and there is no logo like the previous version. Spiral quality is ...

ACTIVE 리플렉터 키트 유형 3 슬림

I decided on looking for a Reflector that I felt relieved because I turned it into a Fender Eliminator.Good texture and design is perfect.Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence ◎

ACTIVE 에어 벤트 펌프 타입 2

The essential Pump and Oil Resistant Hose are removed during work. Since it does not become a thing if it is as it is, I fixed the joint with liquid packing. Pump is made by medical NIPRO, but it is n...

ACTIVE SUPERTRAPP 4 인치 슈퍼 조용한 배플

I used this because it does not go through the car inspection with the volume at super trap. I lowered the sound by wrapping Glass Wool purchased separately to the product, but still it was out about ...

ACTIVE 반사판 붙여 넣기 타입 슬림에게

GPZ is not embedded in Tail lamp ReflectorWhen I change around Rear ReflectorLarge I think that the body suffersIn fact I am worried when I change, but there are many uselessAsahina 's TitaniumLic...

ACTIVE 활성 스위치 키트 TYPE-2

I bought Switch kit with High Solo purchase. Hazard can also be used as it is, it can be operated without discomfort, so I am satisfied accordingly.I would like to continue using it as it is in the fu...

ACTIVE 마이크로 피치 크로스

I use it for wiping up after car wash.Cospa is good at an affordable price.The water absorbency is also solid, Size is also Large Tiny, Small is just too good.

ACTIVE 마이크로 핑거 크로스

Since dirt picking and glazing were united and also form of the glove is carried out, it is easy to do work.
Scale etc. wipe off lightly especially the CROSS side that becomes dirty.

ACTIVE 마이크로 크로스

[Webike Monitor] It is used for cleaning of finishing and the Polished Wheels of exterior.
The adsorption of dirt of user-friendliness is well better than an ordinary Towel and Dustcloth too.
It po...

ACTIVE 마이크로 피치 크로스

[Webike Monitor] It is used for the car wash of exterior.
The adsorption of dirt of user-friendliness is well better than an ordinary Towel and Dustcloth too.
In my case, it is used only for finis...

ACTIVE 마이크로 크로스

It purchased for waxing.
Although the Wax of the Spray type was used, since it was a fine CROSS, it was finished finely.
Since it can be washed and used any number of times, it is found useful very m...

ACTIVE 마이크로 피치 크로스

He thought that it was good for cleaning of a motorcycle, and it purchased. it is because the reason for having chosen the pink thought whether to have flown [ which dirt understands well ] -- it is p...

ACTIVE 마이크로 피치 크로스

A car wash is indispensable in order to always make the motorcycle into the beauty. It is also one of the pleasure of maintenance to wash a car. In order to take dirt, such as paintwork and a plating ...

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