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AKRAPOVIC is an exhaust manufacturer adopted by a various teams such as FACTORY in MotoGP or WSB. They release many products good for power up and lightweight.

AKRAPOVIC 슬립 온 소음기 확성기 (티타늄)

I installed it in R6 of 2007 year. It was necessary to attach and detach the Cowl of Right Side for installation, it was slightly troublesome ... (Lol) The processing of EXAP is a bit more troublesome...

AKRAPOVIC 레이싱 라인 (3-1) (육각 소음기) 전체 배기 시스템

Slip-on Silencer Type is cheaply cheap, but processing OEMExhaust System. ...) Rejected for installation ??I was looking for a Full Exhaust System and bought and installed this Exhaust System with pri...

AKRAPOVIC JMCASpec. 경마 선 완전한 배출 체계

Unlike MODEL until 16 years, it is not a Stall RateType such as Glass Wool on a straight pipe.Resonance room - Expansion chamber + interference Type. Structures close to the Hybrid of A'PEXi in th...

AKRAPOVIC e4 사양 슬립 온 소음기

I ordered the delivery date after three months, but ... After being asked why it is in stock and it will be Silencer which arrived two days later lolIs it about mountingThis item is with EXUPValve, ju...

AKRAPOVIC 슬립 온 소음기 확성기 (티타늄)

17, attached to R6.The installation itself is easy enough to doubt if there are no other parts to forget after attaching.Just as others say, removing EXUP is troublesome.I wanted to completely remove ...

AKRAPOVIC 레이싱 라인 (1-1) 전체 배기 시스템

I arrived earlier than scheduled delivery date now It was in time for Season. I was very happy.. Thank you. It is a totally newbie, but I am not sure about Motorcycle Even Parenthesis is an Exhaust Sy...

AKRAPOVIC e4 사양 슬립 온 소음기

Translation manuals in English and other languages ??in Europe (Please do not input here. But I can fully understand it with a picture. Accuracy is perfectly replaceable in about 30 minutes. There is ...

AKRAPOVIC E1 사양. 슬립에 선 카본

Slip-onExhaust System So I did not expect it to be impossible, but it's kind of a fresh stone AKRAPOVIC, Mounting Hardware is made of Carbon, Pipe is Titanium and lightweight is also fun to run.

AKRAPOVIC 슬립 온 소음기 탄소

Purchase AKRAPOVIC when changing Exhaust System from OEM.Sound sounds much bigger than OEM. I should not remove Baffle.. Single unique crispness Sound sounds like it becomes irresistible for people wh...

AKRAPOVIC 레이싱 라인 전체 배기 시스템

Exhaust pipe is other than Stainless Steel, no saying.Installation takes time due to Full Exhaust System.Especially the installation of Spring is powerful.I also rewrote the ECU, but DonzukiI think th...

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