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NASSERT is an exhaust developed by BEET which Team Kawasaki Green adopts. Their innovative design and color attract a notice at circuits. With well known Alfin Cover or Black Tail and so on, BEET accomplished a monumental work in the field of Japanese motorcycle culture.

BEET NASSERT 에보 스테인레스 스틸 소음기 밴드

I think that it is impeccable construction regarding reliability.I thought that it was OverQualityI think there is strength.Pierce Ranking → Bending In a series of machining processesIs not it hard fo...

BEET NASSERT 번체 V 티타늄 / 스테인레스 스틸 배기

OEM's Exhaust System keeps Torque and Top - You can steer climb by high top, but the exhaust sound was too Gentle man, I did not feel like being a Rider. So I decided to exchange Exhaust System an...

BEET 하이퍼 은행 후면 색상 순서를 설정합니다

I am wearing Red.Installation is relatively easy, there is no dissatisfaction at all, but about 2 months or so, only the change side hit the sun has fallen color only.Perhaps I am bad, but I think tha...

BEET 슈퍼 은행 후면 세트

I feel a sense of incongruity in the position of OEMfootpeg "One day it's BEET's Rear Sets !!" As I was thinking, I found a used beauty goods at a certain Oak station! Although I cou...

BEET 포인트 커버

I replaced it with generator cover.(Installation is Shop)Engine was Black so I bought Black.Engine is very tight and tight. (^^)

BEET 슈퍼 은행 후면 세트

While there were some outside footpegs, I chose BEET made the most likely change of 15 mm Back, 50 mm UpAlthough it may seem to be somewhat compared with the colorful footpeg which has been frequently...

BEET 범용 핸들 스토퍼 키트

I think the price is expensive for goods. Price a7075 (Aluminum type) I thought that about Duralumin was used (I can not conclude that it is not a 7075 because it has not properly examined it) , Is it...

BEET 슈퍼 은행 후면 세트

First of all, BEET have hit it out of the park in terms of quality and to top it off, everything was packaged separately to aid installation which was a breeze following the included diagrams, which w...

BEET NASSERT 번체 V 티타늄 / 스테인레스 스틸 배기

Everything Titanium's Gradation is very beautiful. Sound is also powerful enough while Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence (I sometimes hear "Pan!" When I return Axel).Although it...

BEET 핸들 스톱퍼 키트

I installed on the ZrX 1200 DAEG I changed it to a low Handlebar so it will interfere with Tank when it gets miserged, so it will definitely not interfere with Tank when I install it but I can not do ...

BEET 손목 밴드

WEBIKE is absolutely profitable because it is a product that exceeds 2000 yen when purchasing in a certain Oakon.After all BEET!Takaka is also an outstanding presence in the Wrist band.As for this pro...

BEET 직렬 훅 목걸이 세트

It is attachment to [Webike-monitor] Ninja400R. Although it wavered with the thing of Active, more astringent silver is smart, and I carry out here and think that it was good. Ninja400R will become in...

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