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BORE ACE has a rich knowledge on metal working equipment and processing for manufacturing. For tuning, they are releasing a number of parts with functions specifically required for SR400


It is an exchange from OEMHandlebar for Position change.Immediately after installing it was not good Position I was not thinking about it properly, I thought about just a little stuffing, but it got e...

BORE ACE 에지 테일 라이트 싱글 바디

The light itself is nice, but that's all it is. This is not, by any means a fender eliminator. Everything else you see in the picture is sold separately.

BORE ACE 에어 어시스트 용 긴 어댑터

Until then, I was using 60 mm Funnel for FCR Carburetor Body 41, but I did not feel the explosion I felt at the time of SCRUp + High Camshaft FCR Carburetor Body 35 I was using at the beginning 'W...

BORE ACE 두랄루민 리지드 키트

Aluminum Cut-out so texture and accuracy are no complaints!I think that the preference can be divided, but I think that it is a product that makes it fun to ride because the feeling of tightly feeling...


I exchanged from Character Handlebar I used for many years as if my arms are sticking a little.Separate handle → Because I was accustomed to a little penetrating system with one letter and short width...

BORE ACE 스파크 지원

I bought it because the price was reasonable and interesting. You can easily do the work itself by removing Wiring from Connector and letting Spark Assist interrupt instead. When installing Engine aft...

BORE ACE 체인 텐셔너 롤러

I bought it because it was Recommendation to friends on SR. I think that anyone can install it as far as the Instruction Manual follows. Roller and Chain's Centering out pretty carefully. I think ...

BORE ACE 연료 탱크 오프 세트 칼라

It is a part used to lift the Tank falling behind the SR and level the Line with Seat. If you have a 12 mm Socket and a 5 mm hexagon you can install it. I thought it would be better if the price was c...

BORE ACE 실린더 헤드의 응답

【What made you decide the purchase?】Net and Impression【How was it actually used?】According to the reputation, the vibration of the engine got mellowed overall. The paste of Speed ??has improved better...

BORE ACE 응답 (클리너 해당 키트)

Boa Ace's products are many good things, this time I purchased it to reduce the emblem and make it look clearer.First of all it seems to be a feeling of use, but it is somewhat a feeling that embr...

BORE ACE 리어 충격 고정 너트

It's a Dress-up purpose rather than hanging on luggage.I exchanged because OEM's Nut was rustyAlthough it looks definitely better, I'm using it as a decoration to the last because I'm ...

BORE ACE 리어 충격 고정 너트

Product name is Rear Shock Fixing Nut, but this is very useful as it can be used as Loading HookGenerally it is used to fix the top of the suspension but can also be used at the bottomThe meaning to p...

BORE ACE 리어 충격 고정 너트

Since near the center is narrow, it is useful to fasten a rope etc. to except. Since it is practical although it is a splendid price when two right and left buy it, they are four stars.

BORE ACE 리어 충격 고정 너트

It is true boa ace make. Structure was beautiful and was impressed. It is as a price. I think whether to find it useful for touring so that it may also become load credit. Is it the price as calling i...

BORE ACE 리어 충격 고정 너트

The logo of a face nut is a joke nut. There is practicality, such as fastening with the rope which fixes a load. 22 deep sockets are needed for attaching with a socket wrench.

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