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Blue Point

Ranked 371 of 1,814 brands  ...에서 구동장치계열
(22 고객 리뷰)
아주 좋은

Blue Point 2mm 오프셋 스프로킷

Blue point Know the business outage, buy Spare items quickly.I hope to get out of others in the future, but one-off production if it is not!Wide tire (120) Because it is indispensable for wearing..

Blue Point YPVS 강화 조인트

I am using it for 3MA, but I am using it with 2XT. It can be mounted without machining.Whereas OEM is a casting, this product is Cut-out of 2017 material, so you can expect durability.Although it is r...

Blue Point 테이퍼 피스톤 핀 DLC 사양

Though it is for 3MA, it was diverted to 2XT. Since it is the same Size, it can be used without machining."lightweight" As a result, compared with the TKRJ made OEM equivalent product on han...

Blue Point 후방 스프라켓 용 스페이서 2mm

Used in KSR 110 RearOffsetSprocket.No precision, no building to say.Just a price - - -.I think that it is easy to buy a little cheaper.

Blue Point 2mm 오프셋 스프로킷

If KSR 110 OffsetSprocket it is only this is good.External Wheel & Tire After changing Hain into Chain! (Crying)I will patch it when I exchange it..Building, accuracy, is good together.

Blue Point 강화 카울 브라켓

When I overturned several times, it was distorted and it was difficult to attach / detach Cowl. I checked the price of NSF's Cowl Bracket, OEM Parts Number, which has a chronic illness, so I bough...

Blue Point 후방 스프라켓 용 스페이서 2mm

As its name suggests, it is a commodity for offsetting Rear sprocket but considering Washer as Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. It is a substitute possible substitute even if it becomes a shoe.

Blue Point 2mm 오프셋 스프로킷

I got 120 Tire but I got Tire and Chain, so buy FrontSprocket and RearSpacer. I must buy it before and after.Chain cover is cut off and cut with Paper and no problem.For anything more than KSR, thank ...

Blue Point 2mm 오프셋 스프로킷

I changed the size of my tires from 100 to 120. Together I purchased an off set sprocket. Thanks to it the tire chain doesn't touch the tire and there7s no problem at allThe new off set sprocket has 1...

Blue Point 후부 스프로킷

If it is town riding, durability is also considered, and Steel is also an ant, but to Race vehicles, an Aluminum is indispensable against mitigation of the bottom load of a Spring.
And since remarkab...

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