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DAYTONA is one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. They support many riders by the parts fitting a variety of vehicles and the abundant touring items.

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DAYTONA 사용자 지정 좌석 유형 다방

Seat is of good quality,however seat is too wide for bike in my opinion.It is hard to tell from photo, Side on looks great,.If seat was no wider than original seat then i think they would of nailed i...

DAYTONA 밝은! 헤드 라이트 전구

The old bulb felt a bit dark and I bought this product after looking for a suitable product.
In conclusion, it is very satisfied. It is much brighter than conventional bulbs. But the price is too hig...

DAYTONA - 벨로 타코미터 8000 rpm 설정 블랙 바디 / 백색 Led

This tachometer is slick. I have no complains with the meter itself. Unfortunately, you may want to buy all the other parts necessary in order to make your life simple installing the meter. Harness an...

DAYTONA 벨로 나 전기 속도 / 유속계

The speedo itself looks and works great. Quality of assembling gives a hope for long last usage of product. Absence of english in manual not cause any problems with installation. Easy to set up with r...

DAYTONA 하이퍼 소결 패드

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Sintered pad of a neat Manufacturer was sold at Sale at about half the price, so I bought it【How was it actually used?】 Initial braking is sweet but I thought it w...

DAYTONA 증식 고무 캡

I purchased it because there was no Cap in the vehicle I bought in second handIt is a cheap item and you can exchange without any hesitationBecause I lost while I do not know, I would like to keep the...

DAYTONA 배출 플러그

I bought it to prevent water from entering the muffler during car wash, but with the use of about two times, the part of the handle got out.I forced it in and pulled it out - - -If there is no measure...


Previously Quantity : I installed a Slider of Type that bridges the Engine Mount of 2pc, but when I strongly hit it, I heard that there is a possibility of hurting the Engine head and exchange it,Sinc...


I think that it is a product that can be installed quite firmly as Grab Bar.I think that it is made of iron Pipe, but the stiffness feeling is high. However, Material : Is it a little heavy compared t...


Since I used to love DAYTONAScreen from the former type LEAD, I did not hesitate and even buy a new type LEAD. Shape etc. , Rectification is an item being considered, but slightly dissatisfied because...

DAYTONA 복구 약한 충전식 플로트 식

I use it with Battery once it has gone up, but it is normal to start the cell.For those who do not ride everyday, I think that it is essential Items.

DAYTONA 깜박이 커넥터 (2 종류) 세트

Hello . I want to share a review about the purchased product. I bought two pairs of connectors for rebuilding the damaged wiring. Installation was quick and without any difficulties. The quality of th...

DAYTONA 깜박이 커넥터 (2 종류) 세트

Hello . I want to share a review about the purchased product. I bought two pairs of connectors for rebuilding the damaged wiring. Installation was quick and without any difficulties. The quality of th...

DAYTONA 깜박이 커넥터 (2 종류) 세트

I bought this pair of connectors for rebuilding the damaged wiring received after the accident. Installation was quick and easy. The quality of the goods is excellent. The real Japanese quality of the...

DAYTONA 깜박이 커넥터 040 (3 극)

We used it for processing Blinker's Connector so that it can be restoredWe can use it without any problemSince the diameter of the LED Blinker is thin, I made crimping + soldering just in case


Fix Body with Small insufficient Double-sided Tape. Easy to install just by connecting lines to Battery.. Just a voltmeter. Display is easy to understand, when the voltage goes low Red is displayed an...


Net information with Bore up is necessary and there was it if it was preparedI thought it was expensive and smallWhen I start working, it seems likely to lose considerable time if there is not enough ...

DAYTONA 가와사키 깜박이 커넥터 세트

I bought two pairs of connectors to repair the damaged wiring of the direction indicators. The installation of the connectors passed quickly and without any difficulties. The quality of the goods is a...

DAYTONA 주머니에 헬멧

Although it is different from the assumed usage,Rear box (Home center box) I installed it on the back of the lid.It was satisfied that the dead space was present in plain form was resolved.I think tha...


Bore-Up Cylinder 6Piston Exchange First Experience While Original Collect information with Net without knowing what is necessaryI praised you as I thought it was wonderful as I thought I was purchasin...


LCD Type, in 2 and a half, broken charging stops at battery 0 (Lol)It is too bad to repair, so next time, here. I thought about it because there is no Bluetooth function,I think that wired type is mor...

DAYTONA 탑 케이스 블랙 커버 2 표준 장착 차량

You can cover the OEMPannier Case Set with Vstrom 250 just right..Since the fixing Belt has no heat resistance, it will melt when it comes in contact with the Exhaust pipe in the lower part of the car...

DAYTONA 오토바이 독점 드라이브 레코더 DDR-S100

appearance : It is 97 × 35 × 26 mm and not so conspicuous if it is Mirror shove installation.Mounting : Since we have WaterproofCable and Waterproof USB Cable for taking out vehicle powerIf there is a...

DAYTONA 안장 지지대

Used by Rebel.I think that it costs a little as Saddle bagEasy to use. Quantity this Saddle bag : Pair (for Left and Right) If you install itTouring is indispensable, you can also install TouringBack ...

DAYTONA 안장 지지대

Used by Rebel.I think that it costs a little as Saddle bagEasy to use. Quantity this Saddle bag : Pair (for Left and Right) If you install itTouring is indispensable, you can also install TouringBack ...

DAYTONA COOLROBO Easy Talk 3 [1 개 세트 1 세트. ]

good pointCheap priceInstallation is simpleA bad pointButton operation is complicatedButton is stiffBattery's possession is bad when communicating with colleagues.MINIUSB chargingFirst of all, I t...

DAYTONA 오토바이 용 스마트 폰 홀더

Review I bought it. I was able to install even a wide cheap smartphone.. If you put your smartphone vertically it will be too high and it will look dirty so I'm turning sideways. I hope that the s...

DAYTONA 탑 케이스 블랙 커버 2 표준 장착 차량

Durability is not known until long used.However, Size seems to be perfect and last long.(OEM Rear box installed in PCX 150)

DAYTONA 멀티 바 홀더 줄기 클램프

YZF-R1 (2013)DAYTONA DAYTONA : 95444Mount Kit Multi Bar HolderWe are installing it together.Handlebaretc. There is no interference with the traveling operation section.However, there is a bar at the p...

DAYTONA 탑 케이스 블랙 커버 2 STD 장착 차량

Honda newly purchased this time - For use with X-ADVI bought it.Top case worn by Motorcycle is Large pattern even among GiVi'sWrecker - OutBack is 58 liters,You can cover this Cover with some marg...

DAYTONA 염소 스킨 장갑 보호 유형

I use leather gloves for the first time, but comfort is quite comfortable. Leather is also moist, it grips in a good condition, it is usable without Stress.

DAYTONA 헬멧 포켓 탄소 스타일

CYGNUS X 3 type of Seat "Helmet-in Pocket M" Wearing.Size is also good, Just fit.Price can also be recommended cheaply.


Since there are several Jackets and ChestProtector-compatible outerwear with corresponding buttons, we planned that they can use all around by adding Surface Fastener and Button, so I bought it.In 1st...

DAYTONA 염소 스킨 장갑 보호 유형

Used these for commuting nearly everyday for the last 6 weeks, and for the price vs quality they are very good. Some slight wear showing, but i am pretty hard on my gloves so thus far i'm very happy w...

DAYTONA 염소 스킨 장갑 보호 유형

Since it was contents of somewhat cramped by other people's review, I ordinarily purchased L Size although it is M Size.Fit feeling of the back of the hand was reasonable, but there was somewhat l...

DAYTONA 헬멧 포켓 탄소 스타일

The installation can be done only with six Tapping screws in the plastic part of the back of Seat.but,Material behind Seat is unexpected hard .... (It usually seems pain hurts)- Carefully decide the i...


Since there was a second used Jacket, it purchased. Since there was a hook at the chest, I held a chest protector (Velcro installation) I wanted to turn on making an Adapter with a hook on Velcro, but...


In consideration of safety, the Chest protector of this hand is decided to be better for Hard Type, but the sense of fit is bad.And when you wear it, Forme also looks like a pigeon breast and is not c...

DAYTONA 염소 스킨 장갑 보호 유형

I've been using GOLDWIN's Gloves forever, but somehow I bought it for adjustment of shipping costs.I was happy that it was easier to use than I thought.When you take your age, your thoughts be...

DAYTONA 염소 피부 펀칭 메쉬 장갑 보호 유형

One size Large with just fineIf you apply Oil for baseball Gloves, it is so soft that it is this price that no one knowsMidsummer is also routinely used except for midwinter

DAYTONA 마운트 키트 멀티 바 홀더

YZF-R1 (2013)DAYTONA DAYTONA : 78412Multi Bar Holder Stem ClampPurchase for installation here.It fits nicely in Stem hole?.I have attached a smartphone Mount, but no problem.

DAYTONA 헬멧 홀더 거울 클램프

Attach to LeftMirror Holder.Doing so makes it possible to use Handlebar Lock when you just put Helmet in Tank.Although it is a simple lock, it is convenient for touring because the lock will be lost e...

DAYTONA 헬멧 잠금 + 편리한 훅

Since there was no installation space directly on the Handlebar, it is attached to the Extension bar.Since Combination Nifrek was originally unnecessary, I thought that I would use it without installi...

DAYTONA 스테레오 헬멧 스피커

Mounting on SHOEI X-13It will be attached to the X-13 on the Mesh cloth and can not be adhered to the Helmet by any means.Although it is possible to attach it in half-attached state, it is for Helmet,...

DAYTONA 스테레오 헬멧 스피커

If you only listen to Navigation audio, it is enough for performance. Because it is made for Helmet, it is a good place to have less code play. Two kinds of thickness of with Double-sided TapeSponge a...

DAYTONA 스테레오 헬멧 스피커

I thought that it was useless to stick to the sound quality and purchased it.It depends on Helmet's Speaker's built-in position, but because it is limited in position it is Out unless it match...

DAYTONA 헬멧 홀더 거울 클램프

OEMHelmet holder of CB 400sb is near Rear tire, it is hard to get caught, and if the Chain cover is dirty Helmet's pad will inevitably get dirty.Since it is troublesome to use the attached Wire, b...

DAYTONA 헬멧 홀더 거울 클램프

GSX1300R Hayabusa 's Mirror' s Base will be tightened together and the lock body will be tightened with the attached Hexagonal Wrench, but the included hexagonal dish Bolt (Red arrow of photo)...

DAYTONA 마운트 키트 멀티 바 홀더

I bought it for Multi Bar Holder installation.I was able to install Firmly more than I thought.I am satisfied without losing by vibration during traveling

DAYTONA 헬멧 홀더 거울 클램프

Ninja 250 has a Holder under the Tandem seat, it is hard to use.At first I was using Tandem Footpeg co-clamping type, but it got disappeared by attaching Side Back, Top caseBracket.It became this item...

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