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공식 사이트

DEGNER presents product with originality, such as leather jackets or pants of KAZAN (used Japanese traditional fabric) brand, and is much favored by various fans. Their company's slogan is to stick to idea of valuable quality, design & price

DEGNER 방수 사이드 가방

I use it for one night Touring etc..Until now, 25L Completely WaterproofBackpack was carried on other than commuting but my friend Present at my birthday would be tiring then.Although this is a Side b...

DEGNER 변화하는 빨판

It is Sucker-Type Fuel Tank Bag which I used strongly for 1 year, but a new Motorcycle (BMW R1200RS) So we were unable to stop all six Suction Cups, they got disengaged on acceleration and deceleratio...

DEGNER 조절기 시트 백

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Anyway, it's Design! I think that there is not a design that fits Off thin body.? 【How was it actually used?】 it's the best! (^^) Since I am a woman at a...

DEGNER 방수 사이드 가방

I was looking for a Side bag that would suit XSR 900.I think that I become a Motorcycle like a photo.I think that this is enough, but I think that you can Plus Seat bags when the capacity is insuffici...

DEGNER 빨판 형 멀티 연료 탱크 파우치

Although it is not the original usage method, I use it for a cash card and a toll ticket on a highway.Because Side bag is Main, storage is not necessary in Tank as we use Tank Bag because we use Side ...

DEGNER 벨트 타입 탱크 백

I was using Magnet's company's products, but I felt it needed a high speed stability feeling replacement.○ Good point; BasePad has a sense of stability and as expected. Body also has a solid f...

DEGNER 나일론 안장 가방

I installed it in CROSSCUB.Especially, there is no place to interfere, it is user-friendly.I put Rain Suit and a folding umbrella and an in-car tool.

DEGNER 8-Strand 꼰 로프

DEGNER 8 - Strand Braided Wallet Rope, but purchase Iroha Tan. When we dried outside on a fine weather day, I turned color to a good feeling little by little.Although it is a feeling of use, it connec...

DEGNER 눈꺼풀 가죽 안장 가방 피하

fxdbDenim black Installed in car.I had trouble with Black of the same color as Body, but select Brown with VINTAGE feeling.I am satisfied with all colors, Large Kimono, Texture, Design, COSPA ^ ^

DEGNER 스포츠 더블 백

I'm not almost complaining, but I think that it was better not for Double fastener but for normal Single. This type is hard to lock, and when you leave the Motorcycle you will feel uneasy. I devis...

DEGNER 가죽 쉬프트 가드

"It can cover to the tip and it looks okay?" Although I bought it in good, I put it in Boots and it is the first Shift change Immediately Gap. Moreover, before and after Quantity : Pair (for...

DEGNER 가죽 쉬프트 가드

From ordering products to arrival, we corresponded very quickly.Regarding the product, I purchased it because it was painful at the time of Shift change, but I thought that the upper leather should be...

DEGNER 방수 투어링 부츠

Buy foot size Size actual size 24 ?, S SizeIt is not tightly loose and it is just right feeling.However, the feeling of Hold is weak from the ankle to the topIt will not do anything because there is n...

DEGNER 다중 레인 가방

I bought it for about 2 times !!Touring, travel abroad, Large activity also in mountain climbing !!Even if packing baggage with Large.There was a sense of stability.It is also OK for commuting in the ...

DEGNER 양 가죽 자켓

I selected M Size with Firmly body shape with height 170 ?, weight 70 kg.The chest circumference exceeds 1 m, but it is almost exactly, while the circumference of the arm is a bit awful. It might be a...

DEGNER 메쉬 가죽 하프 장갑

This gloves is right for me, soft and feel good. First time, you will see it's quite hard but softer after 2-3 days. I will buy another for backup.

DEGNER Shift Guard가있는 가죽 ZIP 부츠

25. I am sorry that there is no smaller size than 5 cm, Design and functionality are pretty good. So leather is so soft, you will be familiar with your feet in a short time. The surface is smooth and ...

DEGNER 홀스터 백

When Wallet got on Motorcycle for long wallet, it was always hard to carry.It enters Jacket's Pocket but Large Kim Limit, putting it in the Pocket behind Jeans is uneasy to fall off, Backpack take...

DEGNER 시프트 가드

Purchased Repeat because the first one used about half a year and it became frustrating.I use it every day for commuting.. (Shoes Size 28 cm : SneakersorSuit wearing leather shoes)Simple design and ea...

DEGNER Shift Guard가있는 가죽 ZIP 부츠

Design and functions etc are impeccable. I also like the texture and color of leather. However, although Sneakers is usually 25 cm, Size is 25. As I was thinking that it was durable from Large, I thou...

DEGNER 헬멧 가방

When I used Ren Barrel Motorcycle at my destination I used it to bring Helmet. A Belt with a hook was attached to the four corners, and it was able to attach it to the backpack of the hand. There is n...

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

For emergency use in Circuit.I pray that things will not be used,Because it is necessary equipment in Circuit.Small helmet attachment / detachment also becomes little.Since I have not used it in the s...

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

It is essential in the official Race of MFJ, but of course the city ride and the speed range change also in the running meeting, I think that it is better to use because it becomes easy to fall.When I...

DEGNER 헬멧 가방

It is necessary for other installationCan be safe with Japanese ManufacturerI have other items of this ManufacturerYou can trust if it is the same thing than the reliability so far

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

it was completely uninterested until it used, but at the time of a Mini bike race, the Team member advanced, and it came out, and purchased this product.
When covered with the Helmet, the feeling of...

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

It purchased in order to run in a Race.
Although the same thing has come out from each company, may the same almost be said of which?
Since I was cheap, I purchased these goods....

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

[a Webike Monitor] -- although it purchased due to the Regulation of the Race -- the face -- it can also print -- since it decreases and sweat is hard to transmit a Helmet -- -- it is good if an awkw...

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

This was found when some measures were looked for, since the inside of a helmet was steamed and steamed by the heat of midsummer, and it was a state. It is thin beyond anticipation, and it is carrying...

DEGNER 헬멧 리무버 HR-1

The Mino helmet remover same in a race. It is the same, although anything is chosen since a price and the contents are equivalent also to each company. Since it is called a pioneer, most one is arai m...

DEGNER 엔진 가드 커버 (경비원 -kun)

This time I purchased Black color according to the color of Saddle bag. I attached it so as to involve Magic tape without the need of adjustment in particular.Length also looks fine and looks good.How...

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