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DNA has started to develop their own air filter since 2002, on the concept of achieving higher efficiency, quality and longevity. Their special oil and technology has made it catch particles of dirt to protect the engine

DNA 자동차 전용 모토 필터

The installation was able to be mounted more easily than K which was installed in front. I feel inspiration is getting better. At first purchase We purchased Oil and Cleaner as soon as it is delicious...

DNA 자동차 전용 모토 필터

After Burner changed to YOSHIMURA's Full Exhaust SystemI thought that much burden would be imposed on EngineSo I tried putting DNA and I am satisfied because I got quite reduced and I ran comforta...

DNA 자동차 전용 모토 필터

I used Air Filter of K Company until last Season but now I tried to purchase this product daringly. Installation, feeling of Fit is better than previous one. I have not gotten much distance yet, but I...

DNA 모델 별 모토 필터

I bought it as a substitute + α because the former Owner had removed Air Filter for whatever reason. When inserting, the side surface on the back side is a curved surface, and the side surface on the ...

DNA 자동차 전용 모토 필터

The Silicon part of BMC Filter was broken and changed.The thickness of the Filter part is about half that of BMC. Because of that, I feel a bit more comfortable than when I was in BMCI was.BMC was a f...

DNA 차량용 모토 필터

It is saved like Cost in that it can be used permanently.It can not fit unless you put in a lot of hardships to install it.Other than that there is no dissatisfaction.

DNA 자동차 전용 모토 필터

【What made you decide the purchase?】I decided to buy a Replace Air Filter that can replace the Air Filter when it is time to replace it and can reuse it with Cleaning.The air filter of GSX-SSeries use...

DNA 모토 필터

Because I exchanged the Exhaust System I bought it to increase the amount of air intake. I was able to experience Torque up across the whole area though it was a test drive after exchanging.

DNA 자동차 전용 모토 필터

When I installed it in the NORMAL state I feel that the feeling of Torque increased when I opened Axel from around 4000 rpm.As I did Engine tune, the reduction in intake resistance was quite effective...

DNA 모토 필터

Response up! Experience you can understand even with Normal exhaust! Awesome!To tell the truth, to say Custom, I want to go to the Exhaust System first, but if I can not breathe if I have to smoke a c...

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