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Ranked 30 of 1,814 brands  ...에서 타이어
(626 고객 리뷰)
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공식 사이트

DUNLOP is a world class tire brand of Japan. It is used by many manufacturer as OEM and of course at domestic race scene but also overseas. It features innovative products such as tires with the technology of Multiple Tread structure.

DUNLOP ARROWMAX GT601F [100 / 80-17 52H] 타이어

"A love plane ZZr 250 's wob Ring (front wheel high speed Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Vibration) "resolved.Specifically, the front wheel from Michelin ARROWMAX GT 601 F [100 / E...


Nothing to say and say (Praise) It is an ordinary Rim Band.Although it is not a thing that seems to be visibly deteriorated, but I think that it is better to avoid Trouble, which is more dull to repla...

DUNLOP K388 [90 / 90-18 MC 51P TL] 타이어

Asian Manufacturer's Tire is higher than Tire but it does not change until purchase. I used to persistently use SlipSign and ran 15000 kilometers.

DUNLOP D307 [80 / 100-10 46J TL] 타이어

Anyway it is very cheap. We will triple at shop front. Then Tire's price is not it?. Well, exchange took place while struggling, but you can search shops that will replace near by Net, but it is v...

DUNLOP 튜브리스 밸브

I purchased and replaced it as I exchanged Tire.It is not a thing to exchange frequently, and I do not yet know the durability.Current situation There is no problem.

DUNLOP K860 [70 / 100-17 MC 40P WT] 타이어

It is this brand that I was wearing when I bought Motorcycle, and that it is still being manufactured is not because trust and reputation are good.I pulled out for the first time in about 5 years, but...

DUNLOP K950 [4. 00-18 4PR (64P) WT] 타이어

It is for TL-125 field tripper JD06. Genuine tire (BS trail wing) We have already exceeded 20 years, rubber has also hardened, cracks are conspicuous and I decided to exchange because I felt the limit...

DUNLOP SPORTMAX GPR300F [110 / 70R17 54H] 타이어

It is Tire exchange before and after. 110 / 70R17 and 150 / Because it is 60R18, Tire choice is few and I am indebted to GPR. The last replacement was 2016 / 7 and this time 2018 / 5 is. The distance ...

DUNLOP K398 [2. 50-8 4PR WT] 타이어

Покрышка пришла за 14-ть дней в очень хорошей упаковке. Можно в эту упаковку положить еще три покрышки и всё при этом влезло бы. Покрышка новая!The tire came in 14 days in very good packaging. It is p...

DUNLOP SPORTMAX α-14 H [140 / 70R17MC 66H TL] 타이어

WR250X(TubelessSpec. ) We are using.Tire before replacement is α13 (Hereinafter referred to as 13 and 14) * It is not sp.I felt like I could change it14 is hard to incorporate ...! It was not hard eno...

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