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GALE SPEED realizes performance, safety and cost performance asked for light wheels at a high level. The reasonable items are lineup!


I order this for fix to ZX14. completely different with other US or European sprockets.
I like this color. It look high quality. steel sprocket is long life. thank you for your service.

GALE SPEED 왼쪽 / 오른쪽 측면에 대한 회전 스티커

I and my friends order this item for replace damaged original stickers of the wheels.
We bike is fast shipping, It so beautiful and high quality.

GALE SPEED 리어 브레이크 마스터 실린더

I purchase it for my 2014 Honda CBR1000RR to replace the OEM one.
The brake feels smoother and stronger.
Quality is top notch in comparison to Brembo but only half the price ...

GALE SPEED 모노 부동 디스크 로터

Gale Speed has produced the only semi floating rear rotor for Gen 2 Hayabusa . While even full floating rears are available for Gen 1 , until Gale Speed produced this beauty , '08+ Hayabusa owners onl...

GALE SPEED Φ8.5 알루미늄 모자와 74degrees 공기 밸브

With 90degrees OEM air valve of my forged rim, it hard to put in air, but it make thing a lot easier with this GALE SPEED 74degrees air valve, not only easy air injection but it make my rim look very ...

GALE SPEED 에어 밸브 고무 부시

Since we will exchange Tire this time we purchase two Rubber Bush for Valve as we replace GALE SPEEDAir valve. Other Manufacturer Rubber Bush for Replacement was not on sale, GALE SPEED was released a...

GALE SPEED 리어 마스터 실린더 용 알루미늄 스크레이핑 리저버 탱크

Great quality as usual from Galespeed and much cheapre than Brembo, really reduce a bunch of oil lines from the rear of the bike

GALE SPEED VRCSeries 래디얼 브레이크 마스터 실린더

To improve the performance of Brake, it is very effective to exchange Master cylinder to RadialPump and it is essential in myself Items. Brake is required not only for its performance but also for con...

GALE SPEED 알루미늄 단조 휠 [TYPE-S]

About 1 year use (7000km) It's Impression.There is a choice of Gail, OZ, Marchesini or DYMAG, but in my case I gailed without hesitation depending on my experience from the past. Among the gails, ...

GALE SPEED 알루미늄 단조 휠 [TYPE-R] 유리 코팅

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Design, price, weight, texture? 【How was it actually used?】 It can not ride yet because it is a heavy snow area, but it is definitely light!? 【Was it difficult t...

GALE SPEED 걸이 열쇠 고리

I think that it is inexpensive or well made, and that Large is just right.. However, I think that this is a malfunction of only the one I bought, but since Hook was a little loose feeling, I fixed it ...

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