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GIVI lineups items like hard cases from Italy. They manage from a design to production throughout. Their tail boxes adopted as a genuine option are reliable.


In attaching the Top case to R1200 GS, I chose this because I was troubled with GIVI's TRK 52.Make it solid and swallow anything Large capacity is Large and convenient. The weight of the Case itse...

GIVI 모노 락 케이스 [B27N]

I have the company's B37 from before, but I purchased this item because it is a little big for the lightweight Single 690 DUKE. Size feeling with Motorcycle is exactly good on your own, and even i...


I have used Top case in various ways, but Material : Aluminum is the first time. In this opportunity to increase the V-strom 650 XT, I chose the Case that seems to fit Motorcycle. I received it in a L...

GIVI 모노 락 케이스 [E43NML-ADV]

I attached it to CRF 1000 L AdventureSports.OEM Carrier Included Parts for Thick Pipe : I can not fix it well, I built SpacerBlock and installed it, Base is only half way on Carrier, but it can fix it...


I purchased Unpainting, but the car body is also Mat silver so I do not feel any discomfort. Full face and Rain jacket are enough so we can afford it. The point of dissatisfaction is that it is hard f...

GIVI 모노 락 케이스 [E43NML-ADV]

We chose here that we want lots of luggage and want to tour there so much even in Gurusuke. Since this class was said to be the limit of loading, I would like to try it in summer Camping.I'm dissa...


At first I was going to buy an inexpensive home centerI liked being cheap at Sale and not Red ReflectorPurchase Smoke Reflector's ones.It felt like I just matched my Motorcycle.Brake interlocking ...

GIVI 탱크 잠금 장치 [ST602]

Motorcycle on which I am riding "KAWASAKI ZrX 1200 DEAG" is.From the history of Motorcycle so far? SeatBack ? ? Top case of GIVI ? ?Rucksack ? I have plenty with Waist Pouch, "KAWASAKI ...

GIVI GRT708 방수 사이드 가방

We do not buy it on Wye Big, but since I came here, I will post a Review.quality ? Texture → → Compared with Nudeuris Tan's Waterproof Saddle Bag, I thought that this product is somewhat inferior ...

GIVI GRT708 방수 사이드 가방

I installed it in SEROW.Tentatively Left Side. Support used Raflo's Single Type. Since Right Side is studying measures against heat of the Exhaust System,.Both appearance and ease of use. Cospa ha...

GIVI 금속 선반 [E96B]

The top cover surface of the GIVITop case can be effectively used by rack mounting.If you can improve it? Quantity Rack Size : Pair (for Left and Right) I would like you to expand it by 5 cm each furt...

GIVI 유니버셜 윈드 실드 [A660] (중형)

Used for SR 400 Purchase for high speed Touring,I decided on price and Large Ki.Because height is high Screen can be floated above Light and higher Quantity : Set, let's wind down on Helmet with a...

GIVI 유니버셜 윈드 실드 [A650] (큰)

For MONKEY has been looking for Full Cowl for many years and I have endured it with Bikini cowl, but I knew the existence of this product the other day and purchased it immediately. The effect as Cowl...

GIVI 에어로 다이내믹 스크린 [AF3101]

Since it is an overseas product, installation is no problem Level, but since it is easy to attach Wound when using it, Clearer needs moderate Care. Also, it is good to be able to set the upper and low...

GIVI E88M 유니버설 백 레스트

Managed to fix it to my Kappa K25N box. I was unable to find a backrest for my box model and tried my luck on this Givi E88M universal bracket. Fits alright for a universal backrest. Thanks.

GIVI 유니버셜 윈드 실드 [A200] (작은)

The cheapest thing I tried to buy was distorted when I gave Speed ??and I was a little worried.This is solid..Although you can see the effect when riding at high speed, Large Yu Cowl's Tourer (BMW...

GIVI 엔진 가드 하단 [TN1144]

Since I've been experiencing standing even in Motorcycle that I was riding in the past, I tried wearing it as a stubborn cane.I installed it myself. Working time is about 3 hours. The work was qui...

GIVI 에어로 다이내믹 스크린 [D132S]

отличное стекло. доставка около месяца в РФ эконом вариант, без отслеживания. пришло в отделение почты, все приехало в полном порядке. упаковка выполнена была в коробку.
Google translate:

GIVI 공기 역학 앞 유리

Until now, it was reliable using T-MAX, SkyWave 650, MP3 250ie, TDM 900 GIVI Screen, and COSPA is outstanding compared to other companies (13. 4 thousand yen) so I made it here.Installation is WrenchQ...

GIVI 에어로 다이내믹 스크린 [D174S]

I was going to purchase Spoiler type of MRA and watching Webike, I happened to see this product of GIVI.If I was watching my predecessor's impression, (Compared to MRA) It is Large type, but it se...

GIVI T 513 방수 엔진 GuardBag

I like this bag. It can be mounted almost anywhere on a motorbike.It's waterproof. The GIVI logo can reflect the night. It also protects the motorbike from crash on dirt road.

GIVI 방수 Bagpack [GRT701]

When I was on the Motorcycle in the rain I noticed that I was covering muddy water from my head.It is not very pleasant that Backpack sucks muddy water.WaterproofBackpack was also purchased from the r...

GIVI 방수 가방 PBP01

Waterproof Bag is a necessity as it can rain whenever you ride Motorcycle by commuting every day..The fabric is solid and waterproof seems to be high. I have never used it on a pouring but it seems La...

GIVI 형광 조끼 CSV01

Before and after Reflector (With GIVILogo) It also comes with a.Although it is hard to understand in the image, the Black part of both SIDE is surprised to be able to narrow down by Velcro and also ha...

GIVI GIVI 방수 홀스터 백

good point- Characteristic Design- I hardly covered it with other people- Size in the vertical direction can be changed somewhat according to contentsA bad point- The function as Holster bag is close ...


although 80L thought the kana ~ which it was a size beyond anticipation and was too large at first -- -- when the Camping tool etc. were packed, it was an exactly good size.
> greater hides the less...

GIVI 헬멧 유지 보수 대

Helmet's Maintenance is also used for storage. Helmet If you put it in the included bag, you do not have to worry about dust in storage upside down. Perhaps it is best not to load the Income worn ...

GIVI 헬멧 유지 보수 대

Of course when Maintaining Helmet, it is useful not to roll and keep it when you keep it. Also, since we are wearing Income, you do not have to worry about hitting the surface you put directly when yo...

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