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(13 고객 리뷰)
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HOT LAP is an exhaust manufacturing company that has good performance in scooter and 4mini exhausts Their line up is unique and original in design.

HOT LAP TYPE 666 배기 시스템

looks awesome, sounds good, is loud but not too loud it makes the bike sound like a much bigger engine.
very high quality build and easily modified only spacers and longer bolt needed to work with a ...

HOT LAP M3 슬립에 소음기

First, installation is a simple class of Exhaust System. I think that you can install it without looking at the Instruction Manual. Installation precision is easy because it is quite nice. The joint p...

HOT LAP 레이싱 프런트 파이프

Quality very good finishing. Light weight and clean chrome finished. Installation very easy and fast. Tube connection to e muffler required tightening with different clamp as the original ones are sma...

HOT LAP TYPE 666 배기 시스템

Although it is written also in the explanatory note, you can install it even with widewheel, but you can not install it unless you bite Color.Although it can be installed easily in Zoomer of Fender El...

HOT LAP 아메리칸 클래식 배기 싱글

just love this exhaust.the picture does not do it justice. have a low bass rumble. no problems in installation at all..

HOT LAP 211 위로 배기 시스템

Since it was worrisome from before, it changed and attached from the YOSHIMURA this time.
The Sound and the growth of high rotation are favorite.
The MONKEY suits a Up Muffler well....

HOT LAP 스포츠 배기 시스템 스테인레스 스틸

Although it is Muffler maker HOTLAP which is carrying out the Lineup of much Muffler of a Big scooter, the hand is attached also to the small Scooter now.
although it is this Muffler Simple -- an Emb...

HOT LAP 아메리칸 클래식 배기 트윈

This is a very nicely made muffler and has a pleasing, deep rumble when the scooter is idling.
This muffler system does not include an exhaust gasket, and DOES NOT require a muffler gasket. Howev...

HOT LAP M-SHOT 배기 시스템 버전 2 탄소

The CYGNUS FI Taiwan 5 term MODEL was equipped.
Although appearance was smart and purchased, acceleration also becomes good and is large satisfaction.
sound is also a Muffler it is uncanny and quiet...

HOT LAP 211 위로 배기 시스템

Hello Everybody
Recieved my exhaust in the mail a few days ago, first impressions were very good, excellent build quality and finish . Good fitment ,no adjustments or modifications necessary . On...

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