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공식 사이트

HURRICANE provides a wide variation of parts necessary to make a motorcycle. The most overwhelming parts are handles offering all kinds of shapes and type. Select HURRICANE if you can't decide the best handle.

HURRICANE 긴 클러치 케이블

The stock w800 clutch cable is just too exact that it doesn't allow any room for other accessories. They cable would become too tight and allows clutch slippage. I was too tired adjusting. I had enoug...

HURRICANE 라운드 미니 사이드 미러

Since it's advertised as a mini mirror, I was a bit worried that it would turn out tiny or feel fragile. The actual mirror is surprisingly solid, weighs as a quality mirror should, and the size is jus...

HURRICANE 긴 감압 케이블

If you are looking for alternative length other than OEM you may give it a try,i have been using it for few months now,so far it works fine.The operation is smooth and the built quality is on a par wi...

HURRICANE 세트로 돌아 가기 스페이서

I attached it to ZrX1200DAEG. I was 161 cm tall and the height was lower than the average height of an adult male, so the distance to Handlebar was extremely far, even with a light town ride, I was re...


Love my Screen, Easy to fit, Looks rad! and half the price of other alternatives.
I don't get any annoying wind buffering at all & did I say it Looks Rad :-)

HURRICANE 콘도르 핸들 키트

I was 165 cm tall and I felt the OEMHandlebar felt so I was exchanging it with EFFEX EZ - FIT Bar, but I did not improve so much so I bought this product.As a result, it was a very easy attitude. It i...

HURRICANE 분기 4 유형 핸들 세트

Position got a margin, it was easy for Touring. Cable and Brake hose are Quantity : Since it is set it is ok if you do not have any trouble.Just Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Switch's Wirin...

HURRICANE 볼트 전용 핸들

Other Owner says, but the STD Handlebar is a bit far. I am 176 cm tall but I decided to tour around 200 km with STD Handlebar and purchase this item.I ran about 200 km after the exchange, but it is fu...


Used for Yamaha BOLT Shoulder Bag.I installed it together with Handlebar exchange.So it is not clear how effective this product is, but in practical rotation range there is no unpleasant vibration tra...

HURRICANE 번호 자료 & 앰프; 반사판 W122

The circumference of the License Plate and the claws hanging on the Plate were also accurate and there was not Wobble,Label of product is pasted with SEROWTape and glue sticky ...Since there are times...

HURRICANE M8 악센트 ​​후크

Use the Touring net when fixing the touring bag etc to RearSeat with REBEL 250. Hook was hooked on the edge of Rear Fender and used it. Returning from Touring and trying to remove Hook, REBEL was surp...


I think that it will be able to hook bigger and bigger hooks than I thought. Plating is clean and texture is good. Since it is inconspicuous when looking at the far eye, I will not break the Motorcycl...


I used it as a hook hooked on the footpeg of DJEBEL 250 XC.I found it useful to have a hook here and there but I decided on a color and rare form.Installation Bolt is also included, but replaced with ...

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

as [ be / already / a Compact / somewhat sufficient as the board which sticks an ETC antenna ] (in the direction [ Especially ] of order)
It worries about whether it will delete with the sanding mach...

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

He wanted to make an ETC antenna & Indicator into a Handle mount, and it was purchased.
Although that made from DAYTONA was also considered, it is decided in respect of a price that it will be a KIJI...

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

He wanted to carry out the Handle mount of the Antennas of an Antennas discrete type, and it equipped with it.
Kana which was the cheapest although the DAYTONA and the Bosch were also taken out to t...

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

Also in themselves, all surrounding friends are also using this.
You may be easy to attach.

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

I think in a price that it is a thing as which a considerable function and finishing may be sufficient.

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

The its original work Antenna stay was used.
Although he thought that it was able to improve very well, the merit of completion of marketing is astonishing too, seeing a friend using the Antenna stay...

HURRICANE 기타 안테나 홀더

Two-piece possession. One piece is an ETC antenna (separation type) and an object for indicators. One more piece is an object for radar finders. (A magic tape is attached and the thing for cars is att...

HURRICANE 핸들 홀 드릴링 가이드

In the case of the Handlebar of an external article, there is no hole open since a Switch box etc. are fixed (unless it is some exclusive elegance very much) for baffles to a pure thing.
Although som...


which will be indispensable goods if a Wire grease is used -- ? having been thought if it did not enter since the loading slot of a Nozzle was very narrow when he thought that he will use this, but.


HURRICANE Helmet Lockที่ล็อคหมวกกันน็อคจากค่าย Hurricane สีโครมเมี่ยม สวยงาม คลาสสิกสารพัดประโยชน์ ลงตัวมากๆ
HURRICANE Helmet Lockที่ล็อคหมวกกันน็อคจากค่าย Hurricane สีโครมเมี่ยม สวยงาม คลาสสิกสารพัด...


On w800, there is already a helmet lock for 1 rider. So I needed this for my pillion. I had a chinese unbranded one but the hook doesn't spring out and the key can't be removed when unlocked too. This...


Made very high quality! Looks great on the handlebars of Honda! You can leave a helmet, a small bag or a bag for a long time! The accessory is more aesthetic and a little practical! Personally, I like...


Because Hook's place is Firmly than other itemsI decided on this.Since it is installation in the position where Handlebar is visibleThe shape should be fashionable ♪


Seat sideways for when it can not be stored in Helmet inI bought a lock claw and broke it.I installed it at MINICondor Handle of the company.Nut of the Reverse side has been stopped and Phillips Screw...


I set the Radar detector and Navigation on the Handlebar part and the Layout was decided as it was, but since the Mirror is so fine as to be vibrated by the rotational speed of the Engine, I decided t...


Motorcycle with no Helmet lock is high for the model only, but this item is recommended because it is also Reasonable in price and universal nature is also high.

HURRICANE 합계와 베란다 투어링

I found Large too much for Tour Bag, I was looking for something good Bag, I found this Bag, the capacity is small and Sunglasses andCigarette etc. It is easy to open and close with Magic tape with Ba...

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