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공식 사이트

K & T appeared abundantly original parts developed by our company.?There are abundant custom parts of vehicles regardless of genre such as 4 mini system, motard, off road, on road!?It is!

K&T 시트 레일 보강 플레이트

It was a product of the theme of D Tracker, but it was OK with Frame structure, KLX 250 SES too!. By the way, the Exhaust System is Super trap. I think that the strength is enough at about 3? Thick. T...

K&T 프론트 이니셜 칼라

There is no problem in particular. If the top cap is equipped with an adjustment mechanism, it may be too messy or it may fixate, but this product is Large sturdy.

K&T 조절 식 사이드 스탠드

Ninja250 (2 cylinder) At Front 16 mm, Rear 25 mm Down.It is for Ninja 250SL, but Ninja 250 (2 cylinder) Because I did not have Short Stand for.When it is the shortest, it is 3 cm shorter than NORMAL.I...

K&T 시트 레일 보강 플레이트

I wish Bolt for installation was included and included.Although making was Simple, I did not have instructions and so on, but I think that it can be installed easily.

K&T 시트 레일 보강 플레이트

Purchase to use for YOSHIMURAExhaust System of KLX 250.The shape of Silencer is inconvenient, hits at Limit and does not attach - -Probably not, return to Normal muffler, use with D-TRACKER.Can be ins...

K&T 시트 레일 보강 플레이트

Exhaust system outside the company from the time of second-hand purchase. I did not know that OEMExhaust System doubled as reinforcement.The position of the mounting hole is Exactly and it is a produc...

K&T 전면 디스크 마운팅 지원 키트 -1

Since the ground plane of Pad and disc is too Gap, the edge of Pad will remain undiminished, so if there is no Maintenance properly there is a possibility that Brake will not work.

K&T 클린 컷 키트

Other AISCancellationItems are also sold at cheaper ones. The lid on the engine side of K & T was made fancy so select this. I wrote to cover the Hose in the Instruction Manual, but I wanted to li...

K&T 알루미늄 교체 암

I used the CD50 Engine on MONKEY and added Bagfootpeg to use it for making a positive change. With no processing.It's a little expensive, so I'm happy that it's less expensive and simple p...

K&T 알루미늄 교체 암

Screw of an old Rear Sets' Change arm which does not have Repair Parts became foolish and it became impossible to conclude, so I was looking for an alternative one.- Those having a length of 40 mm...

K&T 프론트 호크 탑 도구

To install Preload Adjuster 41 mm. Eight octagons of Wrench is required, but it is a special dimension that is not placed in a neighboring tool shop.Although it is a tool that is also active in ForkOH...

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