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Ranked 57 of 1,783 brands  ...에서 프레임 / 가드
(327 고객 리뷰)
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K-Factory is a brand specialized in stainless and titanium hand bending mufflers. They first released well-known full titanium exhaust Quattro silencer and has been developing innovative and original exhaust system.

지금 판매 브랜드! 이번 주 거래!

K-FACTORY 원래 스티커 : 로고 마크

Very difficult to find this particular decal. Very pleased with the sticker. Superb quality! Very thigh material. L-size was good detail for my fairing.

K-FACTORY STPSlip - 켜기 소음 장치 / MotoGP ShortTaper

The texture is fluffy - fake, welding is also beautiful.Sound is also slightly bigger than NORMAL, you can warm with confidence without being too noisy.Performance is Slip-on Silencer - Because it is ...

K-FACTORY 엔진 슬라이더

Easy to install! Do not even insist on looking good just right!I think that it is a good item in Simple.There are few protrusions, Size that protect Engine Limit.

K-FACTORY 승마 Footpeg

Making and looking Large satisfiedHowever, the feeling of Rear Sets is not so good. Latest 20 / 20 Up - Normal position with BackNot much change sense.According to Manufacturer's explanation, Norm...

K-FACTORY 펜더 제거기 키트

Because the place where the length of OEMBolt is missing is forcedly attached in the form of using Screw lock in combination, people wearing without using Screw lock may have something like falling lo...

K-FACTORY 라디에이터 측면 커버

【What made you decide the purchase?】Radiator core guard I installed it so I wanted to exchange it with a set at the same time.【How was it actually used?】I am satisfied with working.【Mounting was diffi...

K-FACTORY 펌프 - 실린더 단일 항목

There was a water leak from the Drain welded part, it is regrettable though it is an expensive article. I do not test it? I will return it.

K-FACTORY 펜더 제거기 키트

I ordered and received this fender eliminator quickly, considering the distance. The instructions were in Japanese but were very comprehensive with detailed photos. Installation and fit were a breeze....

K-FACTORY 라디에이터 핵심 가드 RType

I bought this because I did not like the product with flashy Manufacturer logo.Whatever you choose for this product, the attached parts are enclosed on a thin plate of the processed Gold family, so wh...

K-FACTORY 프레임 플러그

The product is not bad.Just Quantity : With 1 Set for 1 Vehicle it's over 10,000 ...It's better than NORMAL's resin Blind, but it's subtle in Cospa.Would you like me to be brother - in...

K-FACTORY 티타늄 스탠드 / V 후크 유형

Used for competition vehicles (Transportation, Pit, Grid).Purchase with the aim of lightly rusting.Lightness is close to expectation PitCrew's burden is alsoWe were able to reduce the amount by La...

K-FACTORY 스마트 키 케이스

Purchased for DiavelMaking and design is good, but it interferes with Tank cap at refueling.If you can do it you can open it but you can scratch Tank.I can not recommend it for Diavel.

K-FACTORY 자동 이동 장치 스위치

This is an updated review after having it for awhile. The wiring diagram does actually work unlike I thought at first. If you have a later build 2013 thru 2015 you will have to supply some of your ow...

K-FACTORY 자동 이동 장치 스위치

The instructions are only in Japanese which I don\'t read. When I fly RC helicopters the Japanese brands instructions always came in English along with Japanese. Second problem is the switch wiring....

K-FACTORY 새로운 디자인 모자

The perfection of Cap itself is high, texture is also good.Embroidery of KMark, embroidery of SIDE department is also very polite finish.Although the price is not cheap, it is convincing because thing...

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