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(113 고객 리뷰)
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공식 사이트

KADOYA is a Japanese leather jacket pioneer company with history and experience. Their original designs enhance the personality of whom wears it and its durability has been regarded by many riders.

지금 판매 브랜드! 이번 주 거래!

KADOYA ES-1 싱글 라이더

It is truly Jacket of Kadoya. Leather was soft and comfortable feeling was good. 3L height 181 cm Firmly body shape, Inner wearing is just fine.

KADOYA 키홀더 [카오야마 오리지널]

Large is just right and Design is also good feeling.However, since Ring is a little big, it will not move freely if the key hole is small.Type with Plastic cover on key is scratched because Ring is ha...

KADOYA 목 보호 / 가죽 카모 [K 'S PRODUCT]

Since I used it before, it was torn, so I bought a thing of different color with Wa Big.Mainly used for Mask of semi-CapHelmet, but it is made of cold material, so if the running wind hits, summer is ...

KADOYA TPF / 뒤로 본 - S [K 'S PRODUCT] 보호자

Add to Dainese Pro Armor G1, purchase as a body side Cushion wwwAlthough Pro Armor is a substitute for CELevel 2 despite astonishing breathability,It was a rather solid Rubber Material, so it seems pa...

KADOYA 해머 글러브 (에이) [신야 레프리 카] 장갑

I owned NKG - R, but I wore it once and it was stolen this time I made it to this.It is outstanding appearance Impact than function and performance.It is trust Kadoya.


For those who are legs long it is the only commercially available model of FOR JAPAN MODEL, TallSize.I am 184? And inseam 86? It is not a long leg compared with the height comparison, but the basic co...

KADOYA PL-SP [펀칭 가죽] 가죽 재킷

Kadoya's leather jean purchased it for the first time, but I bought a Wine color without worry but it seems that Design and sewing can be used well for a long time. Punching mesh So if you are wea...

KADOYA GS-PTD HFG / 허리 가방 [본사]

I bought HF's Waist Bag I wanted for a long time.It is an impression after trying it for a while.In consideration of using it with leather bread, Belt has made a long term.I also use it everyday, ...


If it is 175 cm 73 kg it will be LL. I am React long, but it is Exactly.Whether the body is Slim and the person whose Reach is normal is more suitable for L.Size of this product is fragmented (5 stage...


Farewell to ... Kadoya's sleeve mounted on the Ride.Of course Naturally Fit it. I do not want to be in a situation to test performanceBy buying relief.There is no discomfort after installation.


If you try to thicken it with Vernier calipers, it is 4 mm, and even if you push it gently, it will be 3. It was 5 mm. Although it is thick, it is supple and durable, but the only regret is that Buckl...

KADOYA 안장 지갑 (엘) [카오야마 오리지널]

I have used Natural color of the same Wallet for about 12 years. It became a good candy color and there was no collapse and it is still active, but I fell in love with quality, I thought that I wanted...


When wearing Motorcycle, I wear a leather van or a G bun, but I never attached a Belt because I did not feel the necessity of attaching a Belt. Recently, more often wearing a short jacket, leather van...

KADOYA 안장 지갑 (엘) [카오야마 오리지널]

This is a great wallet. If you were going to buy Redmoon which costs more, buy Kadoya wallet instead. Inside it has 5 card holding slots, a zippered inner pouch and another open pouch. Has a corner...

KADOYA 안장 허리띠 (자연스러운) [K 'S LEATHER]

He liked the goods of the Kadoya and they purchased the SADDLE Belt this time.
The > build lump, and a Design are the highest.
Since NATURAL was used, I would like to enjoy a variation per hour when...

KADOYA 크라운 스티커 (작은) [카오야마 오리지널]

Originally I like Kadoya so I wanted to paste it on RZ-R and purchased it. Size It is exactly Size to stick to Tank like. Because the price is also cheap, it is saved.

KADOYA 크라운 스티커 (작은) [카오야마 오리지널]

Excellent decal for the --- fans. The glue in the sticker is long lasting and didn't have eny problem to take it out and relocate it another place in the bike.

KADOYA 크라운 스티커 (작은) [카오야마 오리지널]

Sticker likes to stick it to car bodies, Helmet, and things unrelated to Motorcycle and enjoy it, but I am also looking forward to Collecting something especially good in coloring. this "KADOYA&q...

KADOYA 크라운 스티커 (작은) [카오야마 오리지널]

I pasted on both SIDE under Grom Tank for One point. It is Small Stana, but I liked Color and Design and it was a satisfying Parts. Even if you do not like it pasted, because it is a product of 100 ye...

KADOYA 크라운 스티커 (작은) [카오야마 오리지널]

I ordered a little after shipping free shipping.Since leather products are used only by Kadoya,I stuck to helmet without hesitation.It does not get in the way with Size which is exactly Large.

KADOYA 크라운 스티커 (작은) [카오야마 오리지널]

[Webike Monitor] It purchased for amount-of-money doubling for using mailing cost no charge.Since it was > honesty and 52 yen, expectation had not been carried out, but he was surprised at the beauti...

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