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M&H MATSUSHIMA specializes in motorcycle bulbs. Lights are not only for the dark but they also help to recognize the existence of your vehicle in daylight. They are small but do bigger, they protect you

M&H MATSUSHIMA PH7 할로겐 전구 자전거 빔

Since NORMAL is brightness like a flashlight, I bought it as much as I thought, it seems that the Large part has become brighter in the Tunnel, so it will be enough so that the basic night will not ru...

M&H MATSUSHIMA PH11 할로겐 전구 오토바이 빔

Purchase because Headlight of ADDRESS V125S has expired.I also thought about LEDs and HIDI want to try this product.The ball is a bit blued, but in the Headlight"Blue reflection"There are fe...

M&H MATSUSHIMA H4R 할로겐 전구 자전거 빔

Used on 1995 Kawasaki ZXR 400. Although I purchased with a high gold, because the brightness is insufficient, I could not pass an automobile inspection. It seems like I have to write after 60 characte...

M&H MATSUSHIMA 더블베이스 전구 S25 BAY15D

Because the price is affordable, I bought it as a reserve. It is easy to understand if there is a conformance table, but it is not fun. It is supposed to be no problem because it is decided by standar...

M&H MATSUSHIMA PH7 할로겐 전구 규격

Expecting to replace it with the White heatball, the brightness itself did not change.Because the contact is the reverse of the White heatball, Switch between Hi and Lo also switched the switch.It can...

M&H MATSUSHIMA H4 할로겐 전구 자전거 빔

Compared to OEM, White has become stronger and brighter.It's about 20 minutes working time.Giving greed ,,,Since it is not an LED, if it is a little cheaper ,,,,

M&H MATSUSHIMA 단일 기본 전구 G18 BA15S

Since there were some low import quality Motorcycle which we owned earlier, it expired in a short period of time, so after buying Motorcycle all balls are exchanged and OEM Product is reserved. I thin...

M&H MATSUSHIMA HS5 할로겐 전구 자전거 빔

I arrived at LEADEX. The row became brighter than the OEM, but the difference between the high and the low is not understood much.It is almost satisfied as a product because it is almost used in low. ...

M&H MATSUSHIMA 더블베이스 전구 S25 BAY15D

Purchased to Customize Blinker lens to Smoke. Because it is a Position lamp at Front, I could not find the Double Bulb very easily, finally found it here and it was saved. The rest is durable, but the...

M&H MATSUSHIMA PH7 할로겐 전구 자전거 빔

Famous first ○ ○ ○ I was thinking of the LED of House but in the case of MONKEY in installation, there were difficulties and I was looking for various items I went for this product.There is a clear di...

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