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MINIMOTO offers a wide variety of customization parts for off-road motorcycle mainly for MONKEY, GORILLA, and others such as DAX, CHALY and CUB. The reasonable price is attractive, also

MINIMOTO 원숭이 / 고릴라 카본 와이드 미니 펜더

Produit de bonne qualité, très jolie finition, sans adaptation se loge de manière parfaite à son emplacement
Ne pas hésiter !!! Top produit
(Translated by Google Translator)...

MINIMOTO 원숭이 유형 Z 전체 키트 88cc 타입 GTS 실린더

I bought it with price as cheap quality as it isEven if it is said that domestic production quality is high as the completeness is high in any of the partsIt was making without doubt!

MINIMOTO 스테인레스 스틸 체인 케이스

Fits great looks great on my nineteen seventy three(1973) Honda monkey z50ak3. Just make sure and use loctite as it likes to get loose after a couple of rides.

MINIMOTO 미니 모토 슈퍼 하이 캠 샤프트 TM-1

It used to be Normal piston but it seems that Valve is hitting Piston with high revolution after entering KITACOHigh-compression.It can be used only for Normal piston to the last.

MINIMOTO 슈퍼 크랭크 샤프트

Although it is written as "Pon", it interferes unless Shaft of Oil pump is thinned. It became 110cc with the 88cc Cylinder, but it is terrible Torque, Power. It was my first time to decompos...


Electric system Trouble for one and a half years.Finally eliminating all by Regulator exchange.I almost exchanged Electric Parts up to the investigation of the cause ... In future, if I think that the...

MINIMOTO 전용 액세서리 전원 공급 장치 H 4 극 커플러를 벗어

I bought Grom for usb power supply.Attachment power supply is attached simply by inserting it to the coupling without Wiring processing

MINIMOTO APE 전면 아래 펜더 브라켓

I was concerned about the height of Front fender from the time of purchase of APE and thought that I wanted to lower it somehowCompared to other Down fenderKit, etc. Compare it and see it look like it...

MINIMOTO 원숭이 / 고릴라 카본 와이드 미니 펜더

Très beau produit, très belle finition, pièces Minimoto de qualité comme toujours !! Ne pas hésiter, belle pièce à prix raisonnable !
Google translate
Very nice product, very nice finish, Minimoto...

MINIMOTO Footpeg 마운트 볼트 / 와셔

Locking paint not of good quality, also other bolts have a lot others too little..
I was expecting a 12mm spanner screw. Didn't worth it.

MINIMOTO Minimoto 나사 장착 자전거 고정 장치

I bought it for Screw Mountain play of Rear hub of GORILLA. Drill of the hole which I did was not used and purchased separately. Because Insert and Tap can be used normally, is it a reasonable price. ...

MINIMOTO 오토바이 잭 최대 부하 500kg

It is better to think that it is almost impossible to use for the MODEL where the Exhaust pipe passes under the Engine because the Body and the support part have less clearance. I think that it can on...

MINIMOTO 스터드 볼트 인스톨 리무버 3pcs. 세트

I bought it for use in maintenance of NSR 50.Up to now I've been using the Double nut method to attach or remove Stud bolt, but the Stud bolt at the base of Exhaust Chamber is short, the Double nu...

MINIMOTO 잠금 너트 렌치 20 × 24mm의

JA 07 Primary side of SuperCUB 110 (Centrifugation) Used for maintenance of Clutch. Pulley holder etc. are necessary to prevent co-rotation, but it was possible to use without problems.It may be a sto...

MINIMOTO 플라이휠 풀러 대향 나사 나사 M27 x P / T1. 0

I used it with XR 100 MOTARD.Making is good, Bolt part can be turned thrill by hand.I do not get stuckBecause it does not take up space with Compact, there is nothing to worry about the storage place ...

MINIMOTO 기화기 파일럿 나사 조정 도구 세트

Since the Head part attached from the beginning can not be replaced, if there is no Space it can not be used. It was a mistake to purchase thinking that the head part attached at the beginning can als...

MINIMOTO 기화기 파일럿 나사 조정 도구 세트

Depending on the type of Carburetor, the position of Screw may be downward, and it can not be turned by a normal Driver. So I bought this tool. It is convenient to use even one shot Engine even 2 to 4...

MINIMOTO 구슬 차단기 Aunti - 스크래치 유형

Bead margin allowance.Although it may not be necessary for a dexterous person ...People who would like to try Tire by themselves will not lose it by buying.Also need hang pearI push it giggly.

MINIMOTO 브레이크 피스톤 펜치

I used it for Piston which is a little fixed, but it worked well. Certainly, if you use it for strength, scratches inside Piston, but there is nothing to do with the performance of Brake, and it seems...

MINIMOTO 유니버설 오토바이 & ATV, Snowplow 알루미늄 경량 슬로프

Until now I used wooden board instead of Slope. T company R vanWhen I changed it my luggage space was slightly shorter and I was struggling to store the board.Since Compact is a syllable phrase, it be...

MINIMOTO 유니버설 접이식 알루미늄 슬로프 (긴) 오토바이 용

It's cheap! It's a bit heavy, and the finish is stubborn.Well I do not mind the price is the price. I think that it is probably for mopeds, but there is also a little uneasiness in strength.I ...

MINIMOTO Commonal 전면 및 후면 유지 보수 스탠드에

It is too large for Mini bikeWe used it for NSF 100 but it can not be used.Front stand can not be used for Full cowl at all.So welded and shortened.

MINIMOTO 미니 모토 오프로드 오토바이 용 스탠드 타입 A

Strength, construction is no problem.It may be good for use in Garage or display for shops.I do not care if the paint is weak, but I feel that it is really not possible without impossibility.

MINIMOTO 전면 스탠드 유지 관리를위한 미니 타입 블랙

JAZZ 2 times Lift, boss Shaft broke. When I contact Minimoto, Parts on Single Body Reply without saleIt was a product that was not usable.

MINIMOTO Commonal 전면 및 후면 유지 보수 스탠드에

As Front stand, I used it with GSX-R1000.Especially it can be used without problems.I do not have much opportunity to use it so I do not have a problem, but if it is used a lot, it might be better to ...

MINIMOTO 범용 오토바이 용 알루미늄 경사 접이식

Arrived in about 4 days after ordering.The entrance is 16 in. It was Garage of the height where the Front tire of half hidden, so order quickly and it was saved because correspondence was early..I was...

MINIMOTO Commonal 전면 및 후면 유지 보수 스탠드에

When opening the package, there was already rusted part, but in actual use, the functional side is no problem. Although the details such as the Plating part and the price range are higher than the STA...

MINIMOTO Commonal 전면 및 후면 유지 보수 스탠드에

Although Maintenace Stand is not frequently used, it is worried variously in Chinese cheap FR dual use STAND - - -.But if you buy an expensive STAND, leave it to Shop - - -.I think that it is a STAND ...

MINIMOTO 엔진 유지 보수 지원 스탠드

[Webike Monitor] Since it worked having fixed the > Engine, working efficiency increased.
Even if it stops in the middle of , since it can place as it is, it is found useful.

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