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NITRON: Nitron which handles the suspension of professional group "Technics".?It is the highest peak suspension mixed with technical know-how to the quality cultivated in UK where there are many race related suppliers.?Orders in semi-order format are also possible and after-sales service is perfect!

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 트윈 쇼크 STEALTH TWIN R3 시리즈

OHLINS (S36PR1C1L) From NITRON (STEALTH TWIN R3) Change to.CloseCourse & town ride & impressions of running through the pass

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 모노 쇼 NTR 레이스 (찬성) 시리즈

It is better than Normal suspension, it moves so that Setting can be made fine!Built-in is also nice, it is NITRONRecommendation!

NITRON 후방 서스펜션 모노 쇼 NTR R1 시리즈

Although it is an old Motorcycle, it is in Lineup and it was able to purchase it by various ordering with OrderSeat.It's lightweight so it's easy to adjust with a nice Spring rate, the running...

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 미니 쇼 MINI R1 시리즈

When I put NITRONRear suspension in Z125PRO, it is a tremendous suspension as I think that the absorption of Gap on the road surface is high and it is not moving. Because NITRON was too good or Balanc...

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 트윈 쇼크 TWIN R3 시리즈

OHLINS and NITRON have suffered for a whileI decided to NITRON. (It's a Sale price - - - )You can also choose Parts' Color.After wearing, as soon as I started I was able to experience the diff...

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 트윈 쇼크 TWIN R1 시리즈

From the moment you ride you can see the difference,It's moist and Rear shock.Twin suspension of only Pillow ball mount,Just a few pre-roads and adjustable heightAlthough the change of the car bod...

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 모노 쇼 NTR R3 시리즈

If there is unevenness, I exchanged Normal rear suspension of GSX - S1000F with NITRON which can not be helped by bouncing.I was very lost whether R2 or R3, but if you have a function that can make th...

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 트윈 쇼크 STEALTH TWIN R1 시리즈

Up to now NORMALRipro, KYB, OHLINSetc. It was the only suspension that you can experience the difference. Even at Corner, there is a feeling of grounding at high speeds even at joints of roads, and ea...

NITRON 후방 서스펜션 모노 쇼 NTR R1 시리즈

【What made you decide the purchase?】Painted at the time of purchase Motorcycle, from the painted color "If you replace the Suspension it will only be here" I thought it was NITRON.In the nea...

NITRON 리어 서스펜션 모노 쇼 NTR R3 시리즈

Finally I got it.I was attracted to the point 10 times of the other day and bought it.Although it was said that it took 1 month, I arrived in 2 weeks.As for installation, since it was installed once a...

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