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Neofactory has a wide variety of not only exterior parts such as handle bars but electrical parts like lamps and meters, engine related parts, carburetor and brake parts

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Neofactory 차 드레인 플러그 O 링 11324

I am buying here every time.. Quality is no problem, price is inexpensive compared with OEM, so I am saved.Brimery Oil is exchanged once a year. I have never leaked in the past, so I think Large is du...

Neofactory 5-3 / 4 인치 헤드 라이트 바이저

This visor fits perfectly on my Dax 12V headlight. Good quality and a great option to add a little extra personality and bling to your bike.

Neofactory R & U 제품 (백작 제품) 1 / 4 대륙 연료 호스 10 ...

my bike is CB223 and i used Continental Fuel Hose its strong and feel good quiality , there no blocking or leacking problems . Talking about the fiting its easy and tight whevn you need remove from ta...

Neofactory ISO는 페그 대형 시프트

NORMAL was not able to step on the Gnear deeply when stepping on with a hollow Rubber, but it was improved after the exchange.Also, it got a bit longer, so I stepped on the edge of footpeg was improve...

Neofactory 미쿠니 HSR 기화기를위한 스타터 질식 너트

I thought about exchanging because SEROW's OEMChalkNut was broken, but with OEM Parts Number I can not buy with Plunger and Set.If it is giving up, it is sold only with this part and it is cheap..

Neofactory 연료 수탉 유니 - 크롬

I used it in combination with PinGel's Adapter plate instead of PinGel..When installing to the Adapter plate for PinGel, 1 / The precision of the 4NPT male thread is too low and installation is di...

Neofactory Biltwell 로켓 그립

installation manual in English helped to switch the original grips, installed on my Buell clip'ons (custom made Virago front). Feels smooth, looks great especially with original biltwell solo seat (al...

Neofactory R & U 제품 (백작 제품) 1 / 4 대륙 연료 호스 10 ...

It is a bit slim, but it feels like not affecting the cold much. In my case, I felt it necessary to pay attention to handling in order to pass between Cylinder.

Neofactory 줄기 사이드 미러에 대한 도토리 너트 블랙

The bag part of Screw is shorter than OEM, and it can not be used for Normal mirror. It's lazy without being shut.Adjustment with Washer and Color (3mm)

Neofactory XL의 91-03y 모델에 대한 높낮이 푸시로드 커버 키트

Push rodSeal is not good at replacing and it takes time only to purchase for the purpose of improving maintenance.Installation was not a problem at all, Clip also thought that Spring's rebound was...

Neofactory 아스팔트 코트 배선 보호 튜브 16분의 7 인치 x1M

Harley 's Parts shop items, but it is difficult even to bend stiff. It looks like Mesh Tube, but it does not stretch at all. I thought about using it for Wiring but it became a Garbage.

Neofactory 슬릿 주름 튜브 블랙 ID15mm × 1M

Although I was slightly worried because it was cheap, texture etc.. I think that it is a very good product, unchanged from the Manufacturer object. I do not know whether durability will make a differe...

Neofactory 4 단 기어 용 풀러 스터드가있는 클러치 허브

I used it to disassemble Shovel's Clutch hub. My Motorcycle is a wet type Clutch,I bought this tool which can be used even when I changed to dry clutch someday. Very easy to use, WC is a wet type,...

Neofactory 독일어 DT 커넥터 여성 형

Also GermanyCoupler is used in Buell X1 variously.It is helpful to have this terminal when repairing Wiring.Until now, I bought a set of Coupler of DAYTONA, but it is very cheap.TAB, receptacle Becaus...

Neofactory 슬릿 주름 튜브 블랙 ID15mm × 1M

Wiring We purchased instead of a conduit for curing Hose sorting in vacant space in Frame, not for consolidation purpose.In conclusion it is as expected and satisfactory.Dare to complain, product feat...

Neofactory 아스팔트 코트 배선 보호 튜브 16분의 3 인치 x1M

Previously, I bought it for Guts Chrome, but it was a totally different thing. Coating seems weak here, there is Old feeling like being used from the beginning. You may prefer it if you like it.

Neofactory 배기 가스켓 설치 도구

Actually, I can install Gasket without using this tool, but I purchased this tool because I often crush it.I tried using it, but you can press it properly. (*^^*)However, I think that if you do not in...

Neofactory 가디언 벨 석상

A little bell with an interesting story. The bell is made in USA and comes with a small pouch. Although I do not hang in the bike as I am afraid it might be stolen, I use it as a keychain instead. It ...

Neofactory 가디언 벨 반란군 깃발

For XLH 883,I wonder if I could secure the safety in the future.I attached it to the stee of Front blinker which is noticeable often. Like Mascot!For this price quality - Large satisfied with texture ...

Neofactory 화물 그물 40cm × 40cm

I bought it to MT-09 RacerRearfor Seat. With 40 X 40 Just sizeHook is solid. It is not yet used, so I can not say what was clearI think that it will make an effect in Seat and the effect will be demon...

Neofactory NEO 원래 알람 설정

I think that it is easy to install, but I could not use it unless I replaced the attached REMOTE CONTROLLER battery.I can not say that this is a theft countermeasure It seems to be wary of the other p...

Neofactory 79-84y 모델 블랙 아이언 프로젝트 T / M 쉬프터 플레이트

I bought it without examining it well.. Because it was Rotaryfor Top.It seems that substitution is impossible because the length is shorter than OEM's ShifterPlate.It seems to weld the Bracket of ...

Neofactory NEO 원래 알람 설정

Antitheft Alarm has few things that can set the sensitivity if it is a cheap item, but I purchased this Alarm because it was set up.Alarm used before, before the vehicle etc etc. To Truck and outside ...

Neofactory 화물 그물 40cm × 40cm

I thought that to adjust the postage ... I did not expect much, but I was surprised because it is quite sturdy. Until now I bought 100 Net Net for every Touring and throw it away and repeat ... but it...

Neofactory 화물 그물 40cm × 40cm

I always install it in RearSeat.If this is suddenly something is wanted to accumulate, if you do not have too much Large, most things will be stuffed.It is the reason for the biggest Large chose not t...

Neofactory 화물 그물 40cm × 40cm

There is nothing of Size which is exactly up to nowSubstitute Net for Helmet of DAYTONAI found out what was inexpensive.I instinctively decided on this.There is no particular problem in function, Cost...

Neofactory 래칫 버클로 650kg을 묶습니다.

I use it when cars Ducati and commuter Motorcycle are mounted on the car.In my case I only drive on the time of MotorcycleTrouble or about when I put Ducati for vehicle inspection. Usage frequency is ...

Neofactory Biltwell MANDANA 두건을 확인

I usually like products from Biltwell because their quality has been excellent so I was a bit disappointed when I received this scarf. As you can see the print quality is poor and feels thick and rubb...

Neofactory Speed ​​Merchant Abby Women 티셔츠

I thought it was a bit expensive, it would be a solid fabric, and it's the same design that NBIS Abby wears most, so buy it immediately.Since Size was United StatesSize, I chose One size Small Sha...

Neofactory Speed ​​Merchant Abby Women 티셔츠

Find and buy immediatelyBecause it was about Europe and the United States Size Usually it is M ~ L Size, but to M SizeI'm looking forward to it because it is a fan of AbbyDisappointed after arriva...

Neofactory 와이어 유형 헬멧 잠금 블랙

I did not reach the OEM lock, so I decided to wire it to Frame. I dislike the Dial expression, so almost there was only one choice.The thickness that makes me think that I can not cut it with Nipper a...

Neofactory 와이어 유형 헬멧 잠금 블루

[Webike Monitor] Since the user-friendliness of the Helmet holder got worse by wearing of pure Rear carrier, it purchases.
It is good exactly in > die length.
It is an object for one to the last....

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