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ODAX offers careers of RENNTEC which is a brand with history in Europe where is the home of long touring. They provide well balanced product line-ups with functionality, loading property and design.

ODAX HUGGER Meshed Inner Fender

Inner fender equipped with OEM was Small, so I tried to replace it because it was awful because the mud dirt after running was terrible.Installation was easy with Bolt-on.The accuracy of the Screw hol...


Installation is simple. There is no problem if there is an on-board toolIf you are using OEMHelmet holder be careful! Helmet holder will be unusable.We strongly recommend purchasing Helmet holder such...

ODAX 키티 탱크 패드

KTM 390 DUKE I bought TK 101K of DUCATIType in 2018 MODEL.Because the shape of Tank is different from other Motorcycle, we were troubled because we could not find anything suitable for Design and suit...

ODAX LED가 깜박이 전구

I exchanged with the Rear blinker ball of NINJA 400 2017.Valve The LED with a high height interfered with OEMLens, so we chose this item with a low height.It does not interfere with Lens and its price...

ODAX 위치 LED 전구

We have completed exchange installation from OEMPosition lamp to this item. White will light up brightly even during the day. Since Headlight had been converted to LEDs earlier, Balance improved with ...

ODAX LED가 깜박이 전구

It is easy to install because it only replaces Valve very brightly, but it is better to increase the price slightly, preferably ICRelay at the same time if possible, however, because the PC 40 reverse...

ODAX POWER BRONZE 에어 플로우 스크린 라이트 스모크

I installed it in CB 1300SB.Since it is necessary to remove Cowl for installation, it is troublesome in any case.The shape is cool with Race ish. It is quite a light smokeIt is Light, but ,,,There was...

ODAX 테일 LED 전구

When I pulled the Brake lever with IgnitionOn, the brake light glows and at the same time Flicker was interested in the LED of the Front's LED. Although it is the one electric bulb, although I loo...

ODAX 깜박이 위치 / 일광 키트

The installation was troublesome, so I had you install it at SEA BASSWorld.It seems that installation was easy enough to discount wages after installation.I bought White but it was pretty brightly sat...

ODAX LED 깜박이 밸브 세트

It will be Prismatic StealthBlinker.There is no problem with the amount of light at the time of light emission, and I like the color tone very much.After that, how durable is it?.If the price is a bit...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

When making it LED, when high flasher measures to prevent purchase without using purchase installation, you can remove the Cover and attach it. Although it is using about one year after installation, ...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

Because I changed the Blinker lens of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA to SmokeTogether, we introduced this product to try to convert it to LED to increase the stealth property of Valve.Left Side of Relay's ph...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

I bought it for LEDization of Blinker. I only had to replace the installation with the OEM Product. I had given up thinking about it until then, but I solved it without any problems.

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

Although it was not stated in conformity model, it can be used without problem for BOULEVARDM 109 R. Replaced with front and rear LEDs and blinking boiled away and satisfied ( - ∀ - )

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

Purchased with the introduction of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA into Blinker LED.Because it is the same shape as OEM, it easily prevents high flasher simply by replacing with OEMRelay.Manufacturer I bought it,...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

Purchased along with making the GinkX 1400 Blinker an LED.Since it becomes High flasher unless you exchange the Relay, I chose this item as a countermeasure against High flasher.If you are familiar wi...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

If it is 7 pin relay for SUZUKI, it attaches only by removing a Normal relay and inserting in this relay made from ODAX with a Snap, and is completion.It is thought that the number of blinks increased...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

The purchase of general-purpose IC relay also has resistance in Turning off the Harness by the portion which does not have a margin in wire length, and purchased here.
The Blinker and a Hazard have n...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

It exchanges simultaneously with the Valve of the company.
The number of times of lighting is satisfactory.
It seems that a Blinker display stops however, functioning on an Instrument panel as one t...

ODAX 나는. C 블링 커 릴레이

After front and back wrote the Blinker of the GSX1300R HAYABUSA to LED and considered it variously as a measure against a High flasher, Colet was chosen by the easiest method.
Since it will only chan...

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