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OHLINS suspension is a reliable product adopted at MotoGP or various race events all over the world. It is certain that their suspension is top quality which can cover not only race but also on urban scenes.

OHLINS 리어 서스펜션

I just tried to manage Rear shock of XSR 900 just hard.It is good now, but it is not just soft, but it is clear that Shock is doing work.There is also a MODEL that has various adjustment functions in ...

OHLINS 앞 포크 봄 / FluidSet

I changed Front spring at the same time I changed the Rear shock of XSR 900 to OHLINS.When it is Normal spring, the initial hardness stands out, but it gently sinks even at the initial stage from low ...

OHLINS 리어 서스펜션

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Someday I will try to realize the old feeling of OHLINS with SmallGold entered Timing ...【How was it actually used?】 It supple Gap of the road surface supple. Corn...

OHLINS 리어 서스펜션

I knew that OHLINS was very good as I was also doing 4 wheeling in the past,I got lost as to which one is good for Motorcycle.My own motorcycle is ninja 1000,I decided to OHLINS because Shock is fairl...

OHLINS 리어 서스펜션

When we drive a motorcycle, the condition of the road s...

OHLINS 후방 서스펜션 범례 / 쌍

I attempted to exchange it myself, but because I have only Side Stand, I can not Lift Rear. I asked for a replacement to the neighbors' shop and finished with cheap wages of 3,000 yen. I realized ...

OHLINS 리어 서스펜션

It is Impression after running 9000 km.Among the series of Custom of DAEG, Rear Suspension.Suspension has been released from various Manufacturers since the past but OHLINS has continued to reign as T...

OHLINS 프론트 포크 스프링

These springs are not listed at Ohlins for the Zephyr 1100.
Its listed for the zzr 600 1991-92.
They are 65 mm longer than stock, and there is no instructions about cutting the spacers....

OHLINS 리어 서스펜션 TTX - GP

I am dissatisfied with Rear adjustment and exchangeEven if you listen to Motor - Cycle showThere were lots of uneasiness without a good answer, did you make a mistake when you heard it?Response for Ri...

OHLINS 프론트 포크 탑캡 & 스프링 킷

Although it is Front, Rear is also changing at the same time. I learned that Initial Adjuster has quite significant meaning. I am recommended because it is an obese body form, but those who are fat wi...


There is Logo and Back print of One point on the chest, and it is quite nice feeling. It seems that it is easy to dry, but I think if it was Mesh fabric it would have been better.

OHLINS 서스펜션 설정 DVD 「지금부터 시작되는 서스펜션 설정 및 실습」

I think that it is a very grateful item to a novice beginner. Is it a little unsatisfactory content for someone who is a little reasonable? It is awesome to introduce a sequel and stepping one step fu...

OHLINS 서스펜션 설정 DVD 「지금부터 시작되는 서스펜션 설정 및 실습」

When purchasing OHLINS Suspension, I bought it as a reference for Setting. I hoped for the contents directly linked to my setting by being a practical edition, but I feel it is unsatisfactory to those...

OHLINS 서스펜션 설정 DVD 「지금부터 시작되는 서스펜션 설정 및 실습」

Although I thought that the contents could be intelligible, since new knowledge did not enter only by knowing, dissatisfaction remained for itself.Although it is also in a Title, to those who will do ...

OHLINS 서스펜션 설정 DVD 「지금부터 시작되는 서스펜션 설정 및 실습」

When the Front fork of an OHLINS was purchased, it followed by attachment.
Only with an instruction manual, since it arranges and he thinks that it is difficult, this DVD is very helpful.
Since som...

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