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Ranked 164 of 1,814 brands  ...에서 전기장치계열
(97 고객 리뷰)
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PIAA is a lamp manufacturer. Their product has been adopted by a number of works team participating in 4-Wheel Rally (WRC) or Paris-to-Dakar Rally. Good for customization for it comes with various shapes.

PIAA 스포츠 경적

This horn gives a high tone. When used in conjunction with the 500Hz, the sound is more resonant. Overall, I think there is a more PIAA Slender Horn dimension, which is 400Hz+500Hz. But the PIAA Sport...

PIAA 스포츠 경적

I've never used the PIAA Horn, but have read many reviews that many website recommend buying a PIAA Sport Horn. So I bought a pair of 500Hz + 600Hz. I don't feel disappointed.However I was a little sh...

PIAA 스포츠 경적

I think that if someone would install single horn. I recommend install PIAA 500Hz. only. You get a high tone. And better than the original horn from the factory. And you don't need a relay. Just unplu...

PIAA 스포츠 경적

After I tried installing the PIAA horns to replace the another brand digital horns. I feel that the PIAA's horn is brighter and has a better sound dimension. Of course, it must be installed together. ...

PIAA 스포츠 경적

This horn (500Hz.) is suitable for use with the PIAA Sports Horn 400Hz. I think it sounds more perverse than the PIAA Slender Horn. PIAA Sports Horns look appropriate to install on a motorcycle. Repla...

PIAA MB45 익스트림 포스 벌브

Actually, I bought it many times, but I felt that White was special only this time.I wonder if I bought a different one last time, I can not remember.HID and LED are still expensive, and there are pla...

PIAA ML29 002S

Originally I was looking for an LED bulb with low power consumption, but I purchased it by mistake.It is due to my confirmation mistake, but search within Shop "LEDFog Lamp" It was also attr...

PIAA LED 헤드 라이트 전구

I bought a very Reasonable product before, so I got disappointed with two optic axes coming out, so this time I purchased a product of Manufacturer who passed well this time Cutline of the light is no...

PIAA MB1 고출력 전구

Drive the gravel road galle to Main.I think I got 20,000 kilos well.I hear that Absolute is good, but if I also add Cost performance I am determined by Kore.It is the second purchase & burning.

PIAA LED 헤드 라이트 전구

I thought that I wanted to change from a long time ago, I was sorting out All In One's things and Cheap HID in certain Oakonjo, but I was uneasy in quality and could not put my hands ...While that...

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