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PINGEL is adopted by most influential teams in the American drag race world as a tune-nap maker of the fuel system. The high safety and reliability are proven.

PINGEL 트리플 플로우 하이 플로우 연료 콕 레이싱 3 / 8NPT

I installed it in Kawasaki 350 SS.Since I had leaked the outside Cook that I had used before for 2 years, I avoided the same thing and made it to PinGel.Installation is easy on the Tank side (Adapter ...

PINGEL 특별 오프 세트 플레이트 1 / 4NPT 연료 수탉

Since Normal cook interfered with TMR, exchangeIn addition, I tried Offset before but maybe it was not necessary.In order to attach PinGel's Cook to GPZ, you need something Plate so purchase with ...

PINGEL 싱글 플로우 고출력 연료 수탉 1 / 예비가있는 4NPT

Since Normal cook interferes with carburetor, exchangeSatisfied with shape and qualityIf you dare to raise a bad point ... Because the position of the Reserve is in the middle, the alignment is rough ...

PINGEL 싱글 플로우 고출력 연료 수탉 1 / 예비가있는 4NPT

I installed it in the SR. External carburetor, Bore up vehicles OEMCook does not have the fuel falling Speed ??so I will recommend the exchange. The lightness of Lever when switching to Reserve is als...

PINGEL 싱글 플로우 고출력 연료 수탉 1 / 예비가있는 4NPT

Very well made fuel tap and easy to install. However the fuel tap lever is very loose which I'm not used to it and you will need to shut it off if bike is not running. One downside is that because the...

PINGEL 특별 오프 세트 플레이트 1 / 4NPT 연료 수탉

PINGELPinGel : Single Out High Flow Fuel Cock 1 / 4NPT with Reserve(http : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21354242 / I bought it to install.First I bought a product without Offset but because Cook interf...

PINGEL 어댑터 플레이트 1 / 4NPT 수탉

PINGELPinGel : Single Out High Flow Fuel Cock 1 / 4NPT with Reservehttp : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21354242 /I purchased it at the same time and attached it to the GSX 1100S.Carburetor on CR33 This...

PINGEL 싱글 플로우 고출력 연료 수탉 1 / 예비가있는 4NPT

Fuel Cock is getting fuzzy & I want to cool coolly Buy PinGel with 2 points. It is not enough to attach to GSX 1100S, and at the same time 【PINGELPinGel : Special Off Set Plate for 1 / 4NPT Fuel C...

PINGEL 인라인 필터

Since carburetors were exchanged, it is used for branch integration. It is a difficulty that sealing precision is expensive and bad. Moreover, since it let the rust with a fine thing of this sort pass...

PINGEL 인라인 필터

It is recommended at FCR of a 4 cylinder. Branch becomes a smooth from Y character or T character. Since a filter is also exchangeable, also functionally, it is good also in looks!

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