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PROTEC handles electronic parts for vehicles such as gear position indicators or fuel meters.

PROTEC ZRX1200DAEG 용 SPI-K69 시프트 위치 표시기 키트 09-

Shift positionIndicator. I was attached to YZF - R1 which I was riding with at OEM, it was too convenient so I tried on ZrX 1200DAEG. As a whole impression, I feel that it is one more step. When holdi...

PROTEC DG - H05 디지털 연료 미터

Suddenly the display was disturbed, then three Zero lines were lined, Count up started a while later.It seems that it became state of collecting data of consumed fuel consumption data of manual.After ...

PROTEC 시프트 위치 표시기 키트 5-6 속도 (12V 용) SPI-110

Because Mission is CROSS it was difficult to understand what speed is entering now, so I bought it.CBR 600 RR PC 37 Later, we purchased Universal Product because there is no special item.It was uneasy...


We, also attached to Grip heater to Axis Treat, purchase to reduce even a little burden on Battery. The installation itself is almost a pon attachment. Wiring is slightly different depending on whethe...

PROTEC LB7W - L LED 헤드 라이트 밸브

At the Protec official site, as of 17 years Ninja 250 is conforming.To install it, you need to be prepared to slightly deform the gold tool.In addition, you will need the optional Conversion Harness.


At the Protec official site, as of 17 years, it is conforming.Installation method and so on will proceed according to the Instruction Manual, but there was somewhat forced feeling when fixing Mounting...

PROTEC [옵션 부품] 고무 캡 및 헤드 라이트 변환 장치

I used it to attach LED headlight of PROTEC.As described in the explanation, one is used per one lamp, so do not forget to purchase two when replacing two lamps.There is no problem with quality and te...

PROTEC 시프트 위치 표시기 키트 5-6 속도 (12V 용) SPI-110

Dress-up and vision SHIFT installed for prevention.The display is bright and the visibility in the day is good, and thanks to the Auto dimmer function, it is not too bright at night.Large Kimono is ju...

PROTEC SPI-M11 시프트 위치 표시기 키트

Because it seemed to be easy to install in CROSSCUB 2017 typeI purchased it, but I am reading the Instruction Manual and have stopped installing.【What made you decide the purchase?】Because Design was ...

PROTEC SPI 시리즈 용 SPI-BS01 바 핸들 브래킷

This little bracket is great for installing little stuffs. I normally buy this to put a voltmeter or a USB charge on my handlebar. The package comes with a steel plate, a cable tie, and a custom rubbe...

PROTEC CS - K 03 CS - 550 M 도난 경보 차량 모델 키트 전용

Since it can be set with Main Key, it is good that you do not have to have extra things.Alarm volume is quite large, so it is also a hesitant to hesitate to ring in test.However, if the posture Sensor...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

It is the same as the overall review. Alarm was very convenient and less erroneous operation from the first purchase until 1 year and 5 months. However, the day the malfunction sounds continues everyd...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

I bought this item because my motorcycle has no crime prevention function at all. I think that installation is easy if it is well maintained. Also, if you purchase at the moment, it is not a Screw typ...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

Body is first compact.If so, you can install it on various models.Just connect Battery's Plus, Minus and Attachment power supply to Body's Wiring.After that I connect Speaker and LED Pilot lam...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

I purchased it before and it is the installation of the second one.Set can also be set with Main key, so key does not increase and it is good. Recently it is safe to leave Motorcycle for about a littl...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

I used a secure OEM, but I am too obtuse, so try it out.It seems to be 3G sensing, Alarm sounds when there is a change in Set position Spec..Although it is nonresponsive to fine vibrations, it is not ...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

As a countermeasure against theft of MONKEY, I searched variously, I decided on this product with reference to Impre. Installation is easy if the position is decided. Although the previous one seems t...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

I opened it to install it, but look at the Instruction Manual "Is it impossible for me?" And I think that I would like to ask a contractor. For those who can install it yourself, I think Gol...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

I did not care because it was indoor storage at home, but I got out more at Motorcycle, I was concerned about theft outside the house and Prank, I decided to install an alarm machine.The installation ...

PROTEC CS - 550M 오토바이 도난 경보

【What made you decide the purchase?】Magazines and impres etc. , I had a sense of security.It also means that it was possible to operate it only by operating the Main key.【How was it actually used?】It ...

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