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Puig is a Spanish origin parts manufacturer which handles various plastic parts such as RACING SCREENS. Their products such as crash pads adapts to various models.

Puig V-TECH 스포츠 화면

I can remove it easily from the OEM Screen, and it looks like Sporty.It is nearly half the price of OEMOption's SmokeShort Screen, but the making was solid and it was comfortable without blurring ...

Puig 확장 펜더

I bought it to prevent bouncing up to Radiator.I think that Fit feeling is good because it is exclusively for the car model.I added Double-sided Tape and use it only with Tape stopper, but it seems th...

Puig 차세대 NK 화면 (스포츠)

Order to purchase Z650Installation was attached with a simple Instruction Manual, it was completed soon (About 10 minutes)スポーツタイプ (Short guy) I can not expect the rectification effect to that extent...

Puig 투어링 스크린

Because there is a height, high speed is quite easy. I think that it will make a difference depending on your height, but when you want to feel relaxed and feel the wind, even at high speed cruises yo...

Puig 리어 펜더

This year I increased mountain riding, so I was unwillingly installed because Rear suspension dirt is so bad.Although it had the effect as expected, even if it is remodeled to Fender Eliminator, there...

Puig 새로운 세대 NK 화면

Introduction as it gets tired of hitting the wind with Touring. It was considerably reduced.Style is also good, and the price was reasonable compared with other Brand.

Puig 레이싱 스크린

Used for NINJA 1000 2018 MODEL. Installation, it was possible to install without any problems in the position of the hole of the Screen Body.The key effect was Nara's Screen but it was subtle as a...

Puig 레이싱 화면

Since Normal screen is low by example, it was planned to exchange for Other Company Product from the beginning, but I chose Puig from among several from RSV 4 with Logo and Brand name recognition.Sinc...

Puig 차세대 NK 화면

【What made you decide the purchase?】 There are multiple colors, where there is not much sense of retrofitting【How was it actually used?】 The resistance of the wind during traveling has decreased. Also...

Puig 레트로 페어링

I wanted to reduce the resistance of the wind even a little, I wanted to add Bikini cowl so purchase.Although it did not expect much rectification effect because it is Smow's first Cowl, the wind ...

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