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The pipe sound of the RPM exhaust steals away the heart of the rider. This company creates new exhausts but also has a huge lineup of exhausts of antique models from the good old days.

RPM SNIPER Full Exhaust System

Previously, I used Short Kan, but it was somewhat annoying to my neighborhood. I thought of a slightly longer Silencer and a rust resistant Plating Exhaust System triggered. Originally it was patchy b...

RPM RPM50 완전 배기 시스템

Short tube made by one company (Silencer installed) As I was running in, I bought a JCMA official approved Exhaust System as noise was put on the ticket to the police.I was lauded loudly than the Shor...

RPM 전체 배기 시스템

Design can be said to be 120%.If you know Motorcycle, "Wow - - Parenthesis OK - - - There is no one who does not think Level's Matching + beauty.Regarding the following performance, unmodifie...

RPM RPM-SHORT 완전 배기 시스템

Cost performance is high in Certified Product of JMCA, so I ordered it. It took about a month to arrive. As soon as we arrived, we installed the goods, but for some reason it is 4-2-1 in collecting pi...

RPM RPM-67 레이싱 전체 배기 시스템

It was cheap, it costs no shipping fee, so it will be good soon!Acceleration has changed at all, and the sound is the best even if it rains!Please try to buy everyone!

RPM RPM-67 레이싱 풀 배기 시스템

Until running, as far as sound quality was concerned, it was half-trusted but when I ran after installation I was satisfied with a pleasant sound of live. Purchasing Cost was also a very affordable wa...

RPM 250 단일 완전 배기 시스템

I installed it on the CB 223S.Although it is for FTR, it can be installed without problems with a pon attachment.However, Japan Government Certificated is not eligible for CB by FTR.Normal muffler 1st...

RPM RPM-67 레이싱 전체 배기 시스템

I bought 67 RACING for ZEPHYR 400.I've been using cheap Short tube, 4-1 tube and various Silencer, but after all RPM is good.If you turn elegantly from the Idling sound, you will play the sound of...

RPM RPM-67 레이싱 풀 배기 시스템

In my own childhood, P tube was the CBX when speaking of a single car.I encouraged Custom with my friends around and went to Touring during the weekend. Only I opened Axel, RPM's Exhaust System wi...

RPM RPM-4in2in1 완전 배기 시스템

I was glad I could buy! I was badly bought by my troubles! Quick installation Instruction Manual was also easy to understand. I started warming up and trying to get around, but I rubbed quickly ( - - ...

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