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SUNSTAR is known to create premium brake disks and drive sprockets.There are no need of explaining the quality of their products. All four major motorcycle manufacturers in Japan adopt them as OEM parts, that proves it all

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SUNSTAR 전면 스프로킷

kawasaki NINJA1000 I used it for 2018 year. As NINJA 1000 is low geared, engine speed has been increased soon, I felt Stress. Therefore, OEMDrive sprocket 525 / 15T to 525 / Refurbished to 16T. As a r...

SUNSTAR 전면 스프로킷

I thought that I wanted to shake it in the acceleration direction, and bought 12 pieces. 3000 or more has passed since installation.A year has passed since we started off-road, but during that time, w...

SUNSTAR 프론트 스프로킷

CB1300SF (SC40) I bought it for.I changed the size of Rear tire, it was for Meter correction, but when I received the item I did not have a Rubber like OEM Product, so I thought that I heard a noise,I...

SUNSTAR 프론트 디스크 로터 확장 공사

One of the Parts I want to keep changing Disc Lock for Tuning around my legs. It is Impression of running about 6000 km.This Works Expansion Rotor is the most expensive in the market and is positioned...

SUNSTAR 일터 확장 후면 디스크 로터

It is used in conjunction with CarbonPad of former Crab, PROJECT μ. Rear can be used for glum without any problem. Finishing details (chamfering of disc end face etc.) Is very polite unlike other Manu...

SUNSTAR WORKS 전면 디스크 로터를 확장

Because I was suffering from Piston return which seems to be due to lack of heat capacity of Normal rotor I was considering various things for improvement.GALE SPEEDHRCWORKSEXPANDAs a result of suffer...

SUNSTAR 전면 스프로킷

Mounting on GSX 250R.Cruise on highway became comfortable.Acceleration performance is somewhat lower, but it will also be pulled at low GEARno problem.

SUNSTAR 전면 스프로킷

Since we exchange Chain and Rear sprocket, we exchanged at the same time.I think that it is durable because it was only a little decreasing.

SUNSTAR 사용자 정의 유형 프론트 디스크 로터

But orginal super four front break disc is 3.5mm. This sun star is 4mm. I don't know if would damage my break calliper overtime or not. But I trust Japan product. I hope it can last me at least 2-3 ye...

SUNSTAR 후부 스프로킷 두랄루민

Conversion from OEM 530 to 520. Duralumin, the number is the same 45 as OEM.More than 15 years have elapsed since the end of production, and there is no MODEL compatible with PCD and inner diameter (M...

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