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East single original product line up!?In addition to VTR 250, Ninja 250 R muffler, supplies such as helmet bags and gloves are enriched.?While being reasonable, it is characterized by high quality.


Replacement from OEM Product because it is the second time since Oil exchange since purchasing Motorcycle in second hand.It is good that Filter folds are larger than OEM, but I do not know the perform...

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

A price also thinks that it is a handy and very good product.
Although it is still running only about 100 km, I feel that slowness of the beginning having become a Smooth and a low speed was lost.

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

Since the Webike Monitor appearance was pleasing, it purchased.
Sound is also pleasing in low-pitched sound with a sufficient degree.
It had trouble [ attachment ] considerably merely writing Muff...

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

When the handy Slip-on muffler was looked for, it resulted in this.
It is also the good place that a beautiful glow color and still purer thin junction hide by the Titanium.
The exhaust sound is als...

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

Since the price was comparatively cheap and the baked color was beautiful also in the slip-on, this was purchased. since an exhaust sound is also in authorization by law, it is a recommend in the dire...

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

When the slip-on muffler of the handy price was looked for, this muffler with a beautiful glow color of titanium stopped at eyes. It is a safe product made from an earls gear, and they are the powerfu...

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

Since appearance was good and the price was cheap, it purchases. Although sound is completely good, the color of titanium has come off recently. Therefore, * was set to two. This muffler needs caution...

TOHTAN 슬립 온 타원형 / 티타늄 DB

A long time ago, it had attached to owned Ninja250R. The manufacturer is the magnate earls gear of a titanium muffler. It is a muffler whose structure and accuracy is perfect very stylish. The pipe is...

TOHTAN IPPU 바디 백 (Verticall)

It's one of those sling bags that are in fashion now. But I hesitated to buy it at first, for I couldn't find its product information on the website.They should at least tell the size of the bag.I wil...

TOHTAN 네오프렌 장갑

[ [or / there were 2012 /] ] (it is not an object for Motorcycles) Since the hand was numb with cold with the glove for daily use, it purchased around December, last year.
Warmth and a price ...

TOHTAN 유연한 플러그 렌치 18mm D

I think that there is no loss by having one for Plug replacement.Because of the relationship of the motorcycle on which we ride, we often replace Jet class, so we need to check burning color of Jet, s...

TOHTAN 유연한 플러그 렌치 16mm C

This item moves the Socket part very flexibly. Moreover, since I can remove Plug socket and use it with Torque wrench etc, I think that it is convenient to use.

TOHTAN 유연한 플러그 렌치 16mm C

Large hand Manufacturer I thought it would have been good to buy a tool, but since it is not like a person who will change Plug in a couple of months, it will not be a problem if it is not a tool Manu...

TOHTAN 유연한 플러그 렌치 16mm C

It was difficult to remove the plug of MT 09, but it was easy to remove it with this plug wrench. The price is affordable and satisfied. It seems to be an exclusive tool for MT.

TOHTAN 유연한 플러그 렌치 18mm D

I was in trouble because I could not remove the inside plug of 4 cylinder.With this tool you can easily remove it without scratching the Frame.I wish I had bought it sooner.

TOHTAN 플렉시블 플러그 렌치 21mm B

Used with Sooner 100.Because the Plug is behind the scenes, it was Large strange to remove in the Type Plug wrench that inserts a stick from the side.This Wrench has a magnet on the inside, making it ...

TOHTAN 유연한 플러그 렌치 16mm C

Scooter's Plug replacement is covered with Covers so it's quite Large strange.I also used to take a plug in a little Sm La La Jet, until now I was churning and taking a plug.Of course, I knew ...

TOHTAN 휠 & 서스펜션 용 핸디 클로스

Oil contamination like a Chain lube was not able to wipe off.It is possible to remove , however the other persistent dirt, and since it can do to a simple Coating, they are goods very kind to me who h...

TOHTAN 가죽 용 헝겊

While the white Stain attached to the sheet was able to be taken easily, it could say not at all, and twisted and admiration came out gently.The Stain which was never able to be taken could be taken a...

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