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You can choose your aluminum billet lever, which is the representative product of U-KANAYAMA, of the color you like from its various options

U-KANAYA 표준형 알루미늄 빌릿 레버 세트

Design, Anodized Color, and so onFrom the fact that it is bent in an exquisite positionThis feeling of grasp is unabated.I also turned on other aircraft (Lol)Oh no! LKLever is colored and there are al...

U-KANAYA 표준형 알루미늄 빌릿 레버 세트

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】Lever of DUKE 390 is often inexpensive but quality is not so good so select quality and price balanced U-KANAYA.I did not want to change OEM and Length so I made ...

U-KANAYA 유형 알루미늄 빌릿 레버 설정 투어링

Buy Touring type as I like Touring.Lever operation became lighter than OEM. Clutch operation is comfortable and less fatigue.However, if you do not get used to Brake lever it may be somewhat uncomfort...

U-KANAYA 알루미늄 빌렛 핸들 바 엔드

Still, since I have not run since installing it I do not understand but it is considerably lighter than OEM so I am worried about Chatter when driving. I like it pretty much.

U-KANAYA 접이식 R 형 알루미늄 빌렛 레버 세트

There was a slight incongruity in the Clutch lever at the time of installation.There seems to be no problem as it seems that it gradually becomes familiar.Texture - I really like the ease of use.

U-KANAYA GP 형 알루미늄 빌렛 레버 세트

Mounted vehicles are ZX-9R E1 2000GP Type Black : Select Black Short, purchase.High quality texture has been confirmed since we are also using a few friends around, so we plan to purchase Fluid Tank w...

U-KANAYA GP 형 알루미늄 빌렛 레버 세트

In my case Left When the wrist is weak and it hurts, it is a suffering of hell to grasp Clutch. OEM's Clutch lever seems to be burdened on the wrist as it grips from the fully extended state of th...

U-KANAYA 접이식 R 형 알루미늄 빌렛 레버 세트

We are using GROM 2nd generation eyes. The shape is the same as other GPLever, but the product system is high. However, it is very hard to use in the same state as the situation where Clutch's Lev...

U-KANAYA 유형 알루미늄 빌릿 레버 설정 투어링

OEM's Clutch is heavy and it is not used to the large type MotorcycleIt was pretty painful..Impro preliminary evaluation is also high, so it is boldly purchased.Lever and Adjuster 's Color wer...

U-KANAYA 접이식 R 형 알루미늄 빌렛 레버 세트

Even moss can return home Spec. Purchase Foldable with the aim of.I changed Clutch for ZEPHYR 400 and Brake to Daytona Nisshin Horizontal Type, so it was Pitashi for ZEPHYR 400.Even if it says Foldabl...

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