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YSS that you can experience high performance suspension reasonably.?It is a suspension maker born in Thailand.?Since there is a wide grade setting, from the custom pursuing running to the repair of the suspended suspension, you can choose regardless of the situation.


The current PD Valve does not require processing of DamperROD and the installation itself is fine, but the initial operation within legal speed hanghang.So, I am witnessing by adding holes in the init...

YSS MONO LINE 리어 싱글 쇼크 [MZ 시리즈] MZ366

Clearly decided on price. It is too bad because there is no car height adjustment for VTR, but it is disappointing but I chose it with compatible model! I set it with calm feeling with Rear suspension...

YSS MONO LINE 리어 싱글 쇼크 [MZ 시리즈] MZ366

87 year GSX-R 750 (GR71G) It is use in. I have no more choice to choose anymorePurchase in a pillar-like sense. Impression after installation, running - - -Extremely grounding feeling also increased, ...

YSS DTG 리어 쇼크

In the first place Suspension for JA 10 was a choice among limited.It was necessary to exchange the color of the upper part with the attached one, but I could not quite get rid of this, and I became i...

YSS MONO LINE 리어 싱글 쇼크 [MZ 시리즈] MZ456

Appearance impressionOEM and same etc. With no force. Feeling that I did not notice that I exchanged after installationattachmentEspecially it takes less time and effortWith running after installation...

YSS MONO LINE 리어 싱글 쇼크 [MX 시리즈] MX366

I did not have an Instruction Manual, but I could install easily. I think that accuracy is good. Just because Resose tank's Hose is a bit short, there is only a 5 mm gap between Kick pedal.After i...

YSS 리어 쇼크 [G 스포츠]

There is only Rear shock of 30,000 yen range, and the performance is quite good. Even this is good for the waist. Moreover, I think that the point which can be set finely is Large. I have only adjuste...

YSS DTG 리어 쇼크

I purchased 350 mm of the same series, but the basic place is the same even at 340 mm so I will impress.The texture is reasonable. At first glance there is no cheapness. There is no sense of discomfor...

YSS MONO LINE 리어 싱글 쇼크 [MZ 시리즈] MZ366

Although it is for MC18, since the total suspension length and the installation Bolt diameter are all the same, it can be mounted with Bolt-on with complete machining.Unlike the OEM of 30 years ago, i...

YSS MONO LINE 리어 싱글 쇼크 [MZ 시리즈] MZ366

OEMShock purchased by Oil leaked earlier was fixed, so when I looked for new items this time, I found something cheaper than OEM. Purchase because OEM Parts Number was already worried about internal O...

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