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공식 사이트

ZETA is one of the most loved off road custom parts brand in Japan operated by Dirt Freak Corp. ZETA creates high quality racing parts, with colorful drilled aluminum parts

ZETA 파일럿 레버 브레이크

Reason for purchaseI was replacing the Clutch lever first, so I understood the merit of the product.I was wearing the Knuckle guard and the Brake lever did not become useless, and I was stepping on bu...

ZETA 파일럿 레버 클러치

Reason for purchaseOEM's Clutch lever has a notch to soften the Shock at the time of falling and it will break from there when standing up..Oh, I got stood up I was getting stuck. ( ・_・;)Because t...

ZETA 덮개가있는 케이스 세이버

Until now I have used OEM Product, but it was a casual look like it was plastic and looks like it was awful and clogged with muddy when running Muddy and it seems like it looks awkward and its safety ...

ZETA 줄기 견과류

Size and accuracy are good as well. It is six months but it is clean without fading. I think that a little individuality may come out together with Stem Cap.

ZETA 핸드 가드 마운트 사이드 유형

The other day, I went through a lot in the forest road, but thanks to this Mount Hand guard - Handlebars did not bother me.Installation was somewhat difficult..In the case of SEROW it will interfere w...

ZETA 라디에이터 보호대

I think that it is good as a part Single Item.However, interference with Radiator BodyRib, resin Air PanelAs far as the Instruction Manual can not be installed.After all, I had a hard time installing ...

ZETA CW 손 온열 장치

I also thought about the introduction of grip heaters and electrothermal gloves as measures against the cold in the hands, but since both are well qualified, I found this item as I was looking for a h...

ZETA Z-CARBON 번호 플레이트 홀더

Although it is Fender of STD, in the state where License Plate is worn as it is maintenance etc. etc. Because it hurt my hands and head to the edge, so purchase for protection.Although I thought that ...

ZETA 리볼버 시프트 레버

Y's Gear's Footpeg and Best Matching.Just by shifting ArmShaft's Serration position one by one, the Shift position gets Large.Since the foot is Small at the Standard position, a little Shi...

ZETA RX 클램프 키트

I originally purchased the handle position to put it forward but OEM (28. 6mm)Spec. I feel like the reverse installation is not differentThe height of the Handlebar is about 5 mm higherAlthough it doe...


It is made of vinyl thick [ like a working-level month rain jacket ] currently sold at the home center. It is the rain jacket which it is doubled by the button in consideration of rain water invasion,...


First, if common since the size is quite more smallish, we recommend you L. Construction material is heavy at touch like vinyl which carried out the stiff considerably. A poncho is a little... It is d...

ZETA 경마 바닥 매트 제타

I mimicked looking at FACTORY Machine's spreading Matte, so I purchased it. Surface is hard to slip and moderate thickness. I always put Maintenace Stand on, but there is no particular problem. If...

ZETA 비행 레버 교체 / 레버

[Webike Monitor] It Stood and け was carried out, and since the crack had been given on that occasion, it purchased as a Repair parts.
exchange is the easy work which removes a Bolt.
Since the Repai...

ZETA ZETA 로고 키 홀더

Although the Key ring of the same DRC by a Dirt Freak was used before, since the color was white, there were the circumstances which have become fairly dirty, and since the Key ring had also broken, b...

ZETA 비행 레버 교체 / 레버

Although the Flight perch is put into RZ250R, influence became light and is large-satisfied.
It was careless, the Motorcycle was toppled the other day [ ], and the Lever has bent.
I think it conscie...


It is a Banner of good touch.
It merely winds too much quite small like a Poster, comes out, and bends for a while, and is worrisome.
Only whether it being unavoidable and it are regrettable in re...

ZETA ZETA 로고 키 홀더

Since also damaging a motorcycle since it is a rubber commodity, or a price is handy, it is recommendation!

ZETA ZETA 로고 키 홀더

It attached to the key of WR250R. Although the key ring of an off vehicle will riot if metal parts are attached, and it will damage the circumference of a key cylinder, since this product is a product...

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