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Boots of GAERNE has been tested by professional riders all over the world, and the data has been reflected in the present product. """"Motorcycle boots should be high quality shoes"""" is their basic principle.

gaerne ED-PRO 미술. 405 Enduro 여행용 부츠

SurferJ, GAdventure etc. It was worrisome at the shop front, because it is better to be cheaper a bit. SurferJ is slippery because Sole is Flat (It is good in Course)GAdventure is a leather, as a resu...

gaerne G-EVOLUTION FIVE 온로드 부츠

I bought it for Touring but it's too good!Because it is not a mess, it does not feel strange even with G pan.As the whole is soft and the ankle can be extended, the footsteps will not get worse.Si...

gaerne 버클 유형 B-1

Since it was a Screw stopper type, I had purchased it for the case when I dropped out, but it surely means that I will use this soon σ (^_^;) Moreover, it was not dropped out, and it was damaged by fa...

gaerne 특별한 롱 스트랩 유형 에이

Although I am imprinted separately, I attach Soare's Knee protector to GAERNE's Boots.Because of the thickness of the Knee protector, Strap above the Boots' calvesIt became Limit and I had...

gaerne 패스트 백 모토 크로스 부츠

It is my first off-road boots purchase.Trying to participate in Enduro race, Trial boots, Enduro bootsI was troubled with Motocross boots, but from the reputation that Protection is excellent,I chose ...


Because I am running off with the forest road running off, I decided that full-scale OffBoots is unnecessary and select this product. Because we also own On road motorcycle, it seems that both can be ...

gaerne 아니. 145 신발

I usually wear shoes, 25. Because it is 5 cm, make one size as big as Large 26. Select 0 cm.Whether it is an effect of a type for Japanese people, a hard place, a place rubbed and a sore thing did not...

gaerne 터프 기어 (터프 기어) 구두

The boots look exactly the same as in the picture. Awesome product and fast delivery. Will be happy to buy again from this shop in the future.


I used Type before Gore-Tex for about 2 years, but Seat of WaterproofMaterial broke? It seems that it has deteriorated and the waterproof effect suddenly disappeared!I thought about other types, but I...

gaerne G-EVOLUTION FIVE 온로드 부츠

I am planning to purchase Leather Pants and I also have to buy Boots - - - - When,The place I was looking for so far, my eyes stayed at this G - EVOLUTION FIVE made by GAERNE.As Boots, it was a point ...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

I use it for shoes, bags, leather jeans, Belt. After application it is slightly finished Matte. How effective the effect lasts can not be confirmed because it is still in use. If only one Minus point ...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

If only to get rid of dirt, I will use Polish such as Kukchuku, but is it a lie? Is not it clear? - - - I use GAERNE with Waterproof saying.

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

Look at this water repellent! It is a picture taken during commuting in the autumn rain front before the typhoon. In the typhoon on the way home, there was no flooding in Boots! By the way Boots was G...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

I use it because I can expect the waterproof nature if it is for off-road boots (Large I have not met rain, so I do not know the efficacy)It stretches well with Image which is more smooth than ordinar...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

Half of the container is raised bottom (LOL)Sponge is arrival and easy to handle.Boots to be processed were Mold and the surface was full of cracks, so I wanted to repell even a little, so I bought it...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

【What made you decide the purchase?】I use GAERNE 's EDBoots, but since it has come to be permeated into shoes due to aged deterioration I bought it.【How was it actually used?】It is terrible water ...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

I visited a friend about what they are using to clean leather Boots, but purchasing ones trying to use it.I have been cleaning with Mink oil, which has high universality until now, but I did not have ...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

【What made you decide the purchase?】I have GAERNE 's Enduro boots, but I have purchased it because the skin got pain due to aged deterioration and water soaked in.【How was it actually used?】It'...

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

Recently purchased to apply as anti-Mold prevention for storage ESCO CO. Easy to stretch and easy to use.It is safe in this. **************

gaerne 방수 폴리 쉬드

I am wearing off Boots of GAERNE, but water has soaked in Boots with years. I am looking forward to using it because it is possible to water repellent by painting this Cream.It is Recommendation becau...

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