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  • 새로운
    게시 Sep 15, 2017The sound is just fantastic
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    looks awesome, sounds good, is loud but not too loud it makes the bike sound like a much bigger engine.
    very high quality build and easily modified only spacers and longer bolt needed to work with a ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA ZOOMER [Zoomer] 01-07 / 9 <AF 58>
    게시 Sep 15, 2017Get this part
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    If you care about improving the performance of you bike get this part it with a variatior has doubled the top end speed of my Zoomer get this part
    I have done 5000km since installing this part with ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA CREA SCOOPY AF55 [Conforming other information] All models
    • SMART DIO AF56 [Conforming other information] All models
    • CREA SCOOPY [Claire squirrel] i AF59 [Conforming other information] All models
    • BITE AF57 [Conforming other information] All models
    • Smart Dio Z4 AF63 [Conforming other information] All models
    • ...그리고 더.
    게시 Sep 15, 2017needed performance upgrade
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    i was running stock unit which was not performing well enough this setup with 6G rollers has fantastic acceleration and a massive improvement to top end speed (100kg rider in gear tops out at 80kph on...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA All models of Zoomer
    게시 Sep 15, 2017Must do improvement
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    fantastic quality easy to install are very visible even in bright sunlight despite the dark tint and just make the bike look so much cooler자세히보기
  • 새로운
    게시 Sep 15, 2017fantastic quality part
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    looks good weighs nothing compared to stock air filter setup adds induction noise and is easy to service a must if you are looking to upgrade자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA CREA SCOOPY i AF55-1000001-1699999
    • ZOOMER AF55-1000001-1699999
    • BITE AF56
    게시 Sep 15, 2017looks awesome works well
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    fantastic looking and rugged, all while being lighter than the OEM radiator guard excellent purchase will purchase again for my next build자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • SUZUKI DR250 【Model year】 82-83 【Year Code】 Z
    • VOLTY D
    • DR250S 【Model year】 02 【Year Code】 K2 [Remarks] Type T (TU250)
    • DJEBEL250 【Model year】 90-93 【Year Code】 Z
    • DR250RL 【Model year】 91-92 【Year Code】 M
    • ...그리고 더.
    게시 Aug 27, 2017Good value
    으로 Toymotor (4)에서New Zealand
    Cheaply priced, yet well made. Fits my DRZ250 like an original. As solid as a oem oil filter, and looks of better construction than the really cheap filters.
    A well constructed oil filter, fits my ...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    O-ring으로 K-PIT
    • SUZUKI GRASS TRACKER BIGBOY (TU250GY-K3/GBK1-3/G-K3/GB-K3・TU250GK4-7/GBK4-7・TU250GK9/GBK9/GL0/GBL0/GBZL0 FNo:NJ47A-117126-、NJ4BA-100001-、NJ4DA-100001-)
    • INTRUDER250 LC250 (VL250Y/K1-5 FNo:VJ51A-100001-)
    • ST250 (ST250K4-7/XK4-7・ST250XK8-9 FNo:NJ4AA-100001-、NJ4CA-100001-)
    게시 Aug 27, 2017Replacement oil oring
    으로 Toymotor (4)에서New Zealand
    My DRZ250 was missing the oring that sits behind to oil filter. This product fits great and does the job of making a seal against the oil filter. Is identical to OEM.자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • SUZUKI TL1000S (97. 2-98. 11) VT 51 A Required number : Two
    • YAMAHA GSF750 (96. 1-) GR 7EA required number : 4
    • Vespa FZ6R (Reverse Import) (09-) Required number : 4
    • KAWASAKI RF900RR (94. 3-) GT 73 E required number : 4
    • VERTEMATI FZ6-S phasor / -N (04-) Required number : 4
    • ...그리고 더.
    게시 Aug 27, 2017Resists fouling
    으로 Toymotor (4)에서New Zealand
    My DRZ250 is prone to sparkplug fouling, as I do lots of short trips and idling. The NGK iridium sparkplug is good at resisting fouling compared to a standard NGK plug. Have also noticed it idles clea...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • HONDA YZ250F F
    • ...그리고 더.
    게시 Aug 27, 2017Great for the tool box
    으로 Toymotor (4)에서New Zealand
    My bike likes to foul spark plugs, so having the DRC Spark Plug is really useful. It fits snugly in the DRZ250 toolbox, and helps protect the sparkplug electrode from vibration and impact, which could...자세히보기
  • 새로운
    • KAWASAKI Z800 2013-
    게시 Jul 22, 2017Easy install and effective
    으로 Tommotosoup (1)에서New Zealand
    Easy to install and keeps the wind off the chest. I'm 182cm tall and still get wind hitting the top of my helmet but it's definitely less buffeting than without the screen. I think looks-wise it suits...자세히보기
  • 맞다:
    • HONDA RVF400 (94. 1-) NC 35 Required number : 4
    • VFR400R (89. 2-) Required number : 4
    • VFR 400 R II II NC 30 Required number : 4
    • NR750 (92. 5-) RC 40 Required number : 8
    게시 Jul 17, 2017Excellent product
    으로 NO NAME (1)에서New Zealand
    I've been using NGK plugs in V4 Hondas for the past 28 years and never had an issue with them. Always replace at the manufacturer's recommended intervals. Webike have one if he best, if not the best p...자세히보기
  • 맞다:
    으로 NO NAME (7)에서New Zealand
    this is an awesome modification and makes a massive difference in performance over stock air cleaner setups.
    it looks good and makes good induction noises 자세히보기
  • 맞다:
    • YAMAHA VMAX 1200 85-06
    게시 Mar 22, 2017Awesome .Sub Frame
    으로 Paul Su (3)에서New Zealand
    The Sub Frame look exactly the same as in the picture. Awesome product and fast delivery. Will be happy to buy again from this shop in the future. 자세히보기
  • 게시 Mar 17, 2017Awesome boots
    으로 Anonymous (3)에서New Zealand
    The boots look exactly the same as in the picture. Awesome product and fast delivery. Will be happy to buy again from this shop in the future.
  • 맞다:
    게시 Mar 8, 2017Fender cb400ss
    으로 Marcel (1)에서New Zealand
    Nice fender, looks great on my CB. Very light due to it being made from aluminium. Handy that the brackets have slots rather than screw holes so the fender can be raised or lowered to what looks best....자세히보기
  • 맞다:
    • YAMAHA VMAX 1200
    게시 Mar 3, 2017Awesome Product.
    으로 Paul Su (3)에서New Zealand
    I really love this exhaust and Looks killer. Very good service and also fast shipping. Will buy more motor parts in WEBKIE.자세히보기
  • 게시 Feb 10, 2017Komine pk-718
    으로 Anonymous (1)에서New Zealand
    Awesome street riding jeans. Made of stretch denim with expansion pannels. Dont restrict movement on and off the bike. Peotection is removable so you can wear jeans all day, even in the office, pub .....자세히보기
  • 맞다:
    • HONDA LEAD 50 [Lead] AF48 All models
    • DIO AF62 All models [Conforming other information] 4st car
    • TOPIC [topic] Professional AF 38 All models
    • TODAY AF61 All models
    • TOPIC [topic] flex AF54 All models
    • ...그리고 더.
    게시 Feb 9, 2017Excellent simple upgrade
    으로 NO NAME (1)에서New Zealand
    Stock scooter - around 57km/hr max. Now top speed of ~65km/hr after adding the new pulley, also noted better acceleration. Very happy with the improved performance. Really easy to install. I tried lig...자세히보기
  • 맞다:
    으로 jeff tichborne (2)에서New Zealand
    another excellent product, while these rubbers are a simple item, when you need 'em, you need 'em, these items are just the same as the originals, the quality is good, they fit right and they are avai...자세히보기
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